Pokemon News Issue #109

Pokemon News


Welcome to another exciting issue of Pokemon News. Thanks to our good friends at CoroCoro, we got a lot of new Pokemon for not only Sun and Moon, but also for Pokken Tournament! So let’s take a look shall we?


First up, we have a new Alolan Pokemon. Scron’s gonna love this one. Say hello to Alolan Grimer.


According to CoroCoro translations, Alolan Grimer is a Poison/Dark type. Not much else is known about him at the moment, but I do say, he is rocking a pretty sweet mustard beard right there.


Aside from this singular Alolan Pokemon, several new evolutions of seventh generation Pokemon have also been revealed.

First up, the ever mysterious Type: Null does in fact evolve in Sun and Moon. Take a look at its evolution, Silvadi.


So what type is Silvadi? Well, that’s difficult to pin down. When Type: Null finds a trainer it trusts, it destroys its helmet and evolves into Silvadi. While it is Normal-type as standard, there is a special hold item called Memory that lets it be one of all 18 types at any one time thanks to its ability, AR System. It’s not currently known if it’s one item that can change this, or if there are 18 different ones. The type change is reflected in its eyes, mane and tail which glow the color representing the type. It has a new attack called Multi Attack which changes type based on its hold item.

Type: Null just keeps getting more and more interesting as the game gets closer to launch. I feel like this isn’t going to be the end of the surprises that this Pokemon has.


Last but not least in the new Pokemon for Sun and Moon, we actually have the entire evolution family for Jangmo-o. It first evolves into Jarango, before evolving again into Jararanga, giving us our first ever Dragon/Fighting type Pokemon.



Unfortunately, this is all we know about this evolution family. Still though, I think this is Alola’s Pseudo legendary Pokemon. We’ll know more once Sun and Moon is released.


One last thing for the news was the official reveal of a new fighter Pokken Tournament. And its someone I fully support.


Lucario isn’t alone in the steel type department anymore. Scizor is classified as a Power character and has access to his Mega Evolution as his Burst Attack. Scizor will be available in arcade machines on the 20th, so tell us how he handles when you get the chance Scron.


And that’s it for Pokemon News. No doubt that now CoroCoro has shown us more, we will get official confirmation sometime soon. Until then, see you guys next issue!

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