Pokemon News Issue #113

Pokemon News


Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. We have a couple of surprises to discuss here today, so let’s dive right in.


For those that haven’t seen PUCL’s official Facebook post on the subject, Pokemon Bank is offically out and ready for use in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This will require an update to the game before use so look out and do that first. But what wasn’t expected from this update is the distribution of a new Z Crystal, and the use of a new Z-Move for a very special Mythical Pokemon.




Mew’s signature Z-Move “Genesis Supernova” only works for those who not only have Mew, but also have it holding its own Z Crystal “Mewnium Z”. The Z-Move is very interesting in that it is heavily based off of the lore that Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, using various balls of psychic energy to form a double helix structure similar to DNA before unleashing the attack on the opponent. After the attack is complete, Psychic Terrain is formed on the battlefield. Let’s see how this Z-Move does in the meta.


Another surprise that came out this week came in the form of a game we in the states didn’t think we would ever get. The once Japanese exclusive mobile game “Pokemon Comcaster” has been brought over as “Pokemon Duel”.




Available for free on iOS and Android devices, “Pokemon Duel” has players face each other in a duel using small figurines of Pokemon from Generations One through Six. Borrowing from the TCG, certain figures are rated from Common and Uncommon, to Rare and EX. And unfortunately, just like “Pokemon GO”, “Pokemon Duel” had a pretty rocky release, with server issues abound and crashes left and right. At the moment of writing, the server issues have been corrected, so go right ahead and play the game, because it is pretty fun.


And that’s it for Pokemon News this week. I hope to see more surprises this week and I’ll be sure to report on anything. See you guys next issue!

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