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Pokemon News Issue #118 (E3 Special)

Pokemon News Issue #118 (E3 Special)

First a Pokemon Direct, and now E3?! Man I love June.


Anyway, welcome to the 118th issue of Pokemon News. With E3 in full swing as of writing, Nintendo has already revealed their plan for most of 2017 and 2018. Not only that, but we also have more specific news in the world of Pokemon. So for this issue, I’ll be discussing the new games Nintendo revealed as well as Pokemon itself. So let’s get right into it!


First up, let’s review the new games that Nintendo will be release later this year and in 2018.


For you Xenoblade fans, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was given its first trailer on the Nintendo Switch. Showing off the impressive graphics and hints at its story, the game is slated for a Winter release later this year.


Next up, Nintendo announced a brand new Kirby game that would be released for the Nintendo Switch. This iteration brings back the mechanic for Kirby to “recruit” enemies and have players 2 – 4 control the new allies. Team attacks using multiple players was also shown, with allies using their abilities to enhance Kirby’s attacks. The game, whose title is yet to be revealed, is set to come out sometime in 2018.


Probably the biggest surprise came in the form of the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch, as well as a “reimagining” of Metroid II for the 3DS called “Metroid: Samus Returns”. No release date for Prime 4 has been given, but “Metroid: Samus Returns” is set to release on September 15, 2017 for the 3DS.


Yoshi’s Wooly World is getting an arts and crafts themed sequel for the Switch sometime in 2018. Centered around cardboard with a stage-flipping mechanic, this cute and colorful game will support the tradition co-op gameplay the same way as Wooly World. And there will most likely be a Cardboard Yoshi amiibo too.


Following this, we have the unveiling of the next batch of DLC for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With new questions, gear, and adventures to be had, this DLC will also come with four new amiibos featuring the four champions that you encounter in the game. Your collection will never end Thatch, you can’t escape it.


And quite possibly the biggest presentation was that of “Super Mario Odyssey”. Lot’s of gameplay was shown off, detailing the mechanics of Mario’s upgraded hat fittingly called “Cappy”. This magically hat for the first time in a Mario game allows Mario to possess certain enemies, allowing the player to control any possessed creature. From Goombas and Hammer Bros, to Bullet Bills and even giant T-Rexs, Mario will be taking the entire world by storm in his latest Odyssey on October 17 of this year.



Now I know what you are all thinking; that’s all fine and dandy, but where the heck is Pokemon!?

While Pokemon did take a back seat for E3 after having an entire Nintendo Direct dedicated just for them, we did get some new Pokemon info nonetheless.


CoroCoro revealed new details about an upcoming Pokemon distribution for the next Pokemon movie, “Pokemon: I Choose You!” These distributions are for the mysterious Marshadow and Hat Pikachu.


This Marshadow is known to have the moves Close Combat, Force Palm, Shadow Ball, and its signature move “Spectral Thief”. Along with it, Marshadow will be holding “Marshadium Z”, which is needed for it to use its own Z-Move “Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike”. As for Pikachu, the only way to obtain it is to scan a special Ga-Olé Disc’s QR code that theater goers will receive in into their copy of USUM, not Sun or Moon. The move set for this Pikachu is unknown at the time.


One final thing for this issue, and its a pretty big one. During Nintendo’s E3 Livestream, Tsunekazu Ishihara of the Pokemon Company confirmed that a Pokemon RPG is currently being made for the Nintendo Switch and that Game Freak is behind its development. At long last, Pokemon is returning to console with a proper game. Will it be like Coliseum and XD, or will be see a game similar to the Stadium series or something new entirely. Only time will tell, and let the speculation begin!


And that’s all she wrote for E3. I’d like to know from you guys; which games are you most excited for from Nintendo’s E3 Presentation? What do you think the Pokemon Switch game will be like? I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts in the comments below. And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next issue!