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Pokemon News Issue #119 (Pokemon GO Gyms and Raids, and Mega Stone Distribution Code)

Pokemon News Issue #119 (Pokemon GO Gyms and Raids, and Mega Stone Distribution Code)


Who would have thought I’d have another issue of Pokemon News to cover after E3. Well, I do, and it involves something a lot of us were asking for. So my name is Viger, and let’s get right into it.


This update comes to the hit mobile game “Pokemon GO”. Having sort of slumped in activity as of recent even with the introduction of Generation 2 Pokemon, a new update has breathed life back into the game. This update brings vast changes to Gyms and introduces the long anticipated “Raid Battles”. So first up, let’s talk about the newly revamped Gyms.


Gyms now have even more of a reason to be visited in the first place. Much to GatorMaximus’s delight, since a Gym is located right in range of where he works, Gym now act as Pokestops too. Gyms can now dispense items such as Pokeballs, berries, and healing items just like Pokestops. As an added bonus, if your team owns a Gym, then those team members get bonus items for controlling it. As far as battling goes, Gyms do not function on a “Prestige” system like before. Instead, it works on a “Motivation” system. Each Pokemon in a Gym has a specific Motivation level. Motivation decreases every time a Pokemon in a Gym loses a battle. They also lose a portion of their CP as well, making them easier to beat in the following battles. Once a Pokemon’s motivation hits zero, the Pokemon leaves the Gym. If you have a Pokemon in a Gym, you can raise its Motivation and make it harder to force out of the Gym by feeding it berries, with the newly added Golden Razz Berry boosting your Pokemon’s motivation to the maximum. It should also be noted that  feeding Gym Pokemon berries will also reward you 20 Stardust. Five berries gives you a Candy for that Pokemon, and 10 is the max number of berries you can feed to a Gym Pokemon.

Another new thing with Gyms is the inclusion of Gym Badges that players can earn from defeating/controlling a Gym. Each badge has its own level that increases when you battle at that specific Gym, feed berries to Pokemon at that Gym, or spin the item disk at that Gym. The higher the badge’s level, the more items you will receive from that Gym.


Now onto something completely new to Pokemon GO. We finally have the introduction of “Raid Battles”. You know, that thing in the first trailer that had a bunch of trainers in Time Square battling Mewtwo? That is a Raid Battle.

While we don’t have Mewtwo just yet, Raid Battles are still exactly what the game needed to keep players engrossed. Raids occur at Gym locations all around the world. When a Raid begins at a Gym, all Pokemon at that Gym are evicted and a large egg will appear above that Gym. These eggs come in three different colors: Pinke for Normal Pokemon, Yellow for Rare Pokemon, and Silver for Legendary Pokemon. A countdown begins at that Gym as the egg begins to hatch, giving players from every team enough time to get to the Gym. Once the countdown reaches zero, the Pokemon will hatch, and players can battle it together as one team.

The Pokemon that hatches, however, is nothing like anyone has ever fought before and will require teamwork to take down. This is because a Raid Battle Pokemon’s CP usually lands in the 10,000’s and 20,000’s, making it impossible for a single player to defeat. Raid Battles work exactly the same as a Gym Battle, with players teaming up to take down the much much larger Raid Battle Pokemon.

Once the Pokemon is defeated, a number of rewards will be made available to the players that fought. All players that participated will receive a set number of Premier Balls based on their performance. Players can also get a Golden Razz Berry, the brand new Rare Candy (which acts as a candy of any Pokemon), or a TM (Technical Machine) which can teach any of your Pokemon a new move. There are also bonuses based on certain aspects of the Gym that the Raid Battle occurred at as well as player and team performance:

  • Who owns the gym – You get more if you’re on the same team as the team that runs it
  • Damage inflicted by team – The team with the most damage inflicted on the boss gets a boost of Premier Balls
  • Damage inflicted by teams – The more damage your team gives, the higher amount of balls of Premier Balls
  • Damage inflicted by you – The more damage you give, the higher amount of balls of Premier Balls

These Premier Balls are very important, because once the Raid Battle is finished, the Pokemon that served as the Raid Boss will be available to catch. These Pokemon have significantly higher stats and CP than regular Pokemon, but they can only be caught with Premier Balls. Berries can still be used to make the capture easier, but once you run out of Premier Balls, the Pokemon will flee.

As of right now, Raid Battles are only available to players that are Level 35 or higher, with more players at lower levels being added later down the road. So build up your team, take over Gyms, and get ready for the Raids!


One last thing that came up in the news is a brand new Mystery Gift event involving Mega Stones in Sun and Moon. By entering the code MATSUBUSA, you will recieve Mega Stones for Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Camerupt, and Banette. More of the events will continue, so stay tuned for when the codes drop.


And that’s it for Pokemon News. Again, I didn’t think I’d be doing back-to-back issues given how the previous weeks have been with the news, but I love it when this happens. Either way, I’ll see you guys in the next issue.