Pokemon News Issue #120 (Before the Con)


Welcome to a short and quick issue of Pokemon News. By the time this goes up, I’ll be on my way to PUCLcon once again. In the mean time, I do have one bit of news to talk about, and it pretty “legendary”.


At long last, Pokemon GO will have Legendary Pokemon in the game. As part of the Raid Battle system, legendary Pokemon can become a Raid Boss, which is the only way that a player will be able to capture them. The only legendary Pokemon that have been confirmed are Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, and Ho-oh. (Maybe Mewtwo, I’m not sure.) What’s different about a Legendary Raid Boss is that players will get a notification of its appearance and will have a full two days to prepare for its arrival, allowing lots of players to descend on the location that the Legendary will drop. Once captured, Legendary Pokemon will be able to be used in Gym Battles, however they cannot be used to defend a Gym, which I think is a good way to balance Legendaries. As of this writing, this is all that we know, and more information will come out when it is available.


And that is it for this short issue of Pokemon News. What Legendary Pokemon are you hoping to catch in Pokemon GO? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you guys when I see you guys!

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