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Pokemon News Issue #123

Pokemon News Issue #123


Welcome back to Pokemon News! Its a bit of a slow news day, but I’ve still got some stuff to talk about. So let’s talk about it.


Most of this stuff is Pokemon GO related, so here we go. First up, the next shiny Pokemon is starting to appear in Pokemon GO. In Japan at the time of writing, Shiny Pikachu is starting to appear in different locations around the country. No further news confirms when Shiny Pikachu when be released in other areas of the world, or when other Shiny Pokemon will be discovered.


One last update is set to occur sometime in the future. As of writing, in Japan again, Mewtwo has been confrimed to appear in Raid Battles. In predicted fashion, Mewtwo is even stronger than the legendary birds that have appeared before it. Mewtwo has been sighted in different parts of Japan, with Yokohama having a high frequency of appearances. When defeated, trainers are awarded 50 Primer balls to use in order to capture Mewtwo, which makes sense with it being so powerful. During this time, the Legendary Birds will all be available for Raid Battles up until the 31st of this month. As to when Mewtwo will arrive elsewhere, no news has been released, but stay tuned for when it will be announced.


And that is it for Pokemon News. Are you guys gonna group up to hunt down Mewtwo? Let me know in the comments below. And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next issue.