Pokemon News Issue #130


Oh boy its a Pokemon News! And its me, Viger, bringing it straight to you. Also, good lord do we have a lot to report on in this issue. I’ll do my best to cover all the bases, but without further ado, let’s just get right into it.


First up, we have the English translated version of the previous USUM trailer that hinted at more of the story. With these translations, it has been confirmed that the story being told in USUM will be far different than Sun and Moon. The story in USUM is reported to be twice that of Sun and Moon, and that their will be far more post-game content, far surpassing both Emerald and Platinum. The trailer’s main showcase was Necrozma, and its goal to steal the light of Alola, as it did in the past. Check out the trailer yourself and tell me what you think will happen.



Aside from this massive story themed trailer, we also have confirmation of another new Pokemon specific Z-Move. This time, its for Mimikyu. This report comes from a retail description of the upcoming Z Power Ring toy, which comes with a small figure of Mimikyu and a Z Crystal called “Mimikum Z”. As to what this move is called of what its effects will be is currently unknown, but more will be revealed in due time.


Remember that super weird 2DS game “Detective Pikachu – Birth of a New Duo”? Well, its being made into a full length movie. And there are rumors that Ryan Reynold or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might play the role of Pikachu. Yes…..this is currently a thing that is happening, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I am most certainly keeping my eye on this story, as should you.


Pokemon GO is receiving a pretty big update for Halloween this year. Not only will you be able to catch a festive Pikachu wearing a witch’s hat, and not only will there be an increase in Ghost and Dark Type Pokemon to catch, but you will also be able to catch Sableye, Shuppet, and Duskull, making the first appearance of Generation 3 Pokemon in the game. No release date for the update has been announced, and a timetable for Generation 3’s full inclusion in the game has not been revealed. My guess, lots of connection issues, cuz its Pokemon GO. Its kind of its thing.



A new distribution event has been revealed in anticipation of USUM’s launch. This distribution will net players a brand new Shiny Silvally for Sun and Moon. According to Serebii, “In North America, you’ll be able to get it at Gamestop (US) or EB Games (Canada) from October 23rd to November 13th 2017 while in the UK you’ll be able to get it at GAME from November 3rd through to November 16th 2017. The code can then be redeemed until February 13th 2018. This distribution matches ones that hit Japan, Korea and Taiwan last month.” Not moves, abilities, or held items have been revealed yet.


One last thing that came out as of writing this new article relating to USUM, and its pretty important. During an interview on Famitsu, it has been confirmed that various legendary Pokemon, including Mewtwo, will be able to be caught through the use of different Ultra Wormholes, just like how the Hoopa Rings in ORAS worked. During another interview with IGN, game producer, Shigeru Ohmori (Of whom our very own Fluffiest got a nice picture with and a nice chat with as well), confirmed that USUM will be the last main series Pokemon game to release on the 3DS, claiming that USUM will be a “culmination of their work on the device.” This fuels more speculation as to what the upcoming Pokemon Switch game will be like, and what a possible main series Pokemon game will be like on a main console, as opposed to a handheld console. We will most certainly have more information when it is available.



And that is it with Pokemon News. What did you think of the new trailer for USUM? Will you be catching more Pokemon on Pokemon GO as you go Trick or Treating this year? Let me know in the comments below. And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next issue!


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