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Pokemon News Issue #132

Pokemon News Issue #132


Welcome back to another exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. Its a very important issue this week, as we got a very very big update to USUM. So without further ado, let’s break this sucker down.


Probably the biggest thing that was confirmed was the existence of Team Rocket in the Alola Region. This time around though, they are known as “Team Rainbow Rocket”.



The intentions of Team Rainbow Rocket in Alola are currently unknown, but whatever the reason, it must be extremely important. I can assume this because Giovanni is coming to Alola alone. In fact, he is joined by every Evil Team Leader from all the previous games!


We got Maxie and Archie from Hoenn.


We got Cyrus from Sinnoh.

We got Ghetsis from Unova.

And we got Lysandre from Kalos.

The trainer is tasked with defeating each of the leaders with the help of Team Skull’s Guzma and Aether Foundation’s Wicke. The post game is looking stronger than ever.

A new feature that was introduced in the trailer was the all new Battle Agency.

Located in the Festival Plaza, trainers can rent different Pokemon ala the Battle Factory from Hoenn and Sinnoh, and battle against other trainers and the Pokemon they chose. Battles will award the trainer with different items, such as Golden Bottle Caps. The roster of Pokemon you can use will increase with the more trainers that you interact with in the Plaza. Maybe this will get people to use the Festival Plaza more.

A new collectable will now be found on the different islands of Alola. these are the Totem Stickers. These stickers will allow trainers to actually obtain different Totem sized Pokemon, such as the Totem Gumshoos, Lurantis (Ultra Sun), and Salazzle (Ultra Moon). The strengths of these Pokemon under a trainer’s control are currently unknown, but chances are, they will be quite strong.

The Dexnav also returns somewhat to Pokemon in the form of Alola’s “Island Scan”. The Island Scan will notify the trainer of different Pokemon that can be found around Alola, but not just any Pokemon. The trailer showcased Charmander, Grovyle, and Greninja all being found with the Island Scan. Perhaps this is how trainers will be able to find exclusive Pokemon from other games.

Speaking of exclusive Pokemon from other games, remember how Mewtwo can be found through the Ultra Wormholes, which hinted at other legendaries being found in the same way? Turns out you’ll find every single legendary Pokemon through the Ultra Wormholes.

As for Mythical Pokemon, it would appear that they will still be distribution only. Either way, what a way to end a game series on the 3DS.

And that is it for Pokemon News this week. What were you most excited about from the trailer? Let me know in the comments below. And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next issue.