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Pokemon News Issue #133 “Final before USUM” (Spoilers Within, Whimsicott)

Pokemon News Issue #133 “Final before USUM” (Spoilers Within, Whimsicott)


Before we get into this, a quick shoutout. This weekend, we will be have a very special live episode/recording of the podcast that everyone is invited to listen to. We will be giving our first impressions of USUM post-launch and discussing our experiences in real time, all the while chatting it up with all of you in the Discord server. The livestream will start at 2 PM U.S. eastern time, and will be on the PUCL Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/thepuclpodcast. We all hope to see you there. Now that that has been plugged….


Hello and welcome to the 133 issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. This will be the last news issue before USUM launches, after which Pokemon News will go on a little hiatus since there won’t be any news after a major release. But nevertheless, even so close to release, we got one final trailer to dissect and it has a pretty big reveal that Whimsicott won’t want to see until she experiences it ingame. So let’s get right into it.


Battle Points return once more for USUM, but this time with a twist. Not only do these points teach Pokemon new moves as they’ve done in the past, the trailer points out that these moves can be taught to Pokemon that wouldn’t normally be able to learn either naturally or by Technical Machine.

A few examples include Incineroar learning Drain Punch, Tapu Fini learning Icy Wind, Zapdos learning Heat Wave, Golisopod learning Drill Run,  and many more that I couldn’t recognize by animation alone, though I do think Tapu Koko used Thunder Punch somewhere there. Either way, who knows what other moves other Pokemon will be able to learn this time around. I feel that the meta is gonna get a bit shook up one last time.


And now onto the big mysterious reveal.

Whimsicott if you are still reading this, now is the time to stop and close the browser, cuz here comes the spoiler.




………..Is she gone? Ok……


Necorzma gets another brand new form to its already bolstered reputation.


No name has been given to this form, but due to a suspicious video I caught in a passing glance on Youtube, which I originally disregarded as fake, I do have an unconfirmed name. This new form is called “Ultra Necrozma”. By undergoing a process known as “Ultra Burst”, which is triggered the same way Z Moves and Mega Evolution are, both Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma will transform into Ultra Necrozma, which appears to have absorbed all light available to it. Just how powerful Ultra Necrozma is is currently unknown.

What’s the most interesting thing about this is that Ultra Necrozma has been teased to us in every single USUM trailer. Just have a look yourself. This image has been on the main Pokemon website from the very beginning.


Do you see it?……..No? How about now?


Still don’t know what I’m pointing at? Well then, let’s zoom in then.


A few of the Viridian Guild members and I called out this image a couple of months ago. We all came to the same conclusion that those were eyes. Now we know that they are Ultra Necrozma’s eyes, because they look exactly the same as in the new image.



How Nintendo got away with this for so long I’ll never know. But it just makes me want USUM even more now.



And that is it for Pokemon News. Ordinarily this is the part where I ask you about what you think of the content in the issue. But with USUM so close to release, I don’t think I need to ask you guys anything. Either way, can’t wait to see you guys in the livestream Saturday at 2 PM U.S. eastern time, and as always, I’ll see you guys in the next issue!