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Pokemon News Issue #139

Pokemon News Issue #139


Welcome back to a long awaited issue of Pokemon News! Man it seems its been years since the last time I wrote up a news article. So goes the world of Pokemon News. Either way, man do I have some things to discuss. So let’s get right into it!


Last week saw a surprise press conference from Nintendo dedicated to Pokemon, just weeks before E3 2018.  And boy did they deliver.

First up, we saw the unveil of a Free-to-Play game for the Switch, called “Pokemon Quest”

After the conference, Pokemon Quest was revealed to be available to download immediately after the conference, and is ready to download on the Switch as we speak, with a mobile version coming out later this month.

Much different from other Pokemon games, Pokemon Quest tasks the player with exploring a new island called “Tumblecube Island”, capturing Pokemon, and collecting items to proceed further into the island. Pokemon Quest features only the first Generation of Pokemon as far as which ones you can capture. For a Free-to-Play game, I find it to be pretty fun to play on the side. A lovely little surprise to have on hand.


But now we get into the meat and potatoes of what the conference showed us. This is “Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee”.

The first official Pokemon game for the Switch that is a port of a Free-to-Play game, Let’s Go shows quite a lot of potential as far as Pokemon Switch games go. Essential a remaster of Pokemon Yellow, the player starts their journey in Kanto, with once again only the first Generation of Pokemon available to them. Depending on which version you get, your starter will be either Pikachu or Eevee. This starter can’t evolve, but will always be on your person throughout the game. This starter also has the added feature of being able to be dressed up in different outfits. It is currently unknown if these outfits give Pikachu and Eevee any special effects.

Let’s Go follows the capture method of Pokemon GO, with the player throwing a Pokeball at the Pokemon in order to capture it, without the need to battle it. Despite this, Pokemon battle do occur within the game. Encountered Pokemon retain the same Combat Points system from Pokemon GO to determine the strength of the encountered/captured Pokemon.

Some notable changes within this game include: Pokemon being able to follow you in the overworld, Pokemon being able to be viewed in the overworld before encountering them (therefore abandoning the “Random Encounters” of previous games), Pokemon storage being on your person rather than the Pokemon Center PC, and for the first time in a Pokemon game; co-op play. Using the Switch’s second Joy-Con, a second player can join the game and assist the player in battling other trainers and capturing Pokemon. It is currently unknown what other feature the co-op play with have at this given time.

With all this talk about how similar Let’s Go is with Pokemon GO, it should be no surprise that the games are both capable with connecting to each other. The main feature with this connection is that Pokemon from GO can be sent over to Let’s Go and used there. Unfortunately, this is a one way street and Pokemon can’t be sent over/back to Pokemon GO. This only applies to Kanto Pokemon, with no indication as to whether or not future Generations of Pokemon will be able to be sent over.

As is customary with new Nintendo games, a new peripheral is also being introduced for Pokemon Let’s Go. This is Pokeball Plus.

A special controller for Pokemon Let’s Go, the Pokeball Plus functions exactly the same way as a normal Joy-Con for the game. What makes it different is that a Pokemon from Let’s Go can be “sent” to the Pokeball Plus, and be carried on your person, as with an actual Pokemon was inside the ball. You can interact with the Pokemon inside the device by making simple movements with the ball, such as shaking and petting. As of right now, no other information about the Pokeball Plus device is known.


One final note with Let’s Go. At the end of its announcement, it was confirmed that a brand new Pokemon will be debuted through Let’s Go and will be transferred over to Pokemon GO when it is released. No other information about this Pokemon is currently known.



At the very end of the conference, it was confirmed that a true main series title is currently in development for the Switch, due to come out sometime in 2019. Other than that, no other information was given.



And that is it for this hefty issue of Pokemon News. Expect another hefty issue next week after E3. What do you guys think of Pokemon Let’s Go? Let me know in the comments below. And with that being said, I’ll see you guys in the next issue.