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Pokemon News Issue #144

Pokemon News Issue #144



Welcome to a hot and spicy new issue of Pokemon News. Boy do we have some important stuff to talk about today, so let’s get right into it.


Welp, its currently unknown whether or not this was an accident or intentional, but Niantic and The Pokemon Company are surely spinning it towards the latter. During the most recent Community Day which stared Chikorita, a surprise swept across the entire globe in the form of an unknown Pokemon. Now confirmed to be the mystery Pokemon in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, Niantic and The Pokemon Company officially revealed the Mythical Pokemon of the now confirmed Eighth Generation of Pokemon; Meltan, the Hex Nut Pokemon.



This Steel-Type Pokemon began making its rounds during the recent Community Day, taking the spawn place of Kecleon and was able to be caught just like any regular Pokemon with relative ease. However, upon capture, Meltan would instantly transform, revealing to be no more than a Ditto in disguise. Serebii has a special description of Meltan, which is as follows:

Most of Meltan’s body is made from liquid metal, and its shape is very fluid. It can use its liquid arms and legs to corrode metal and absorb it into its own body. Meltan generates electricity using the metal it absorbs from outside sources. It uses this electricity as an energy source and also as an attack that can be fired from its eye. Clearly a curious Pokémon, Meltan is very expressive and shows an interest in all kinds of things.

Upon Meltan’s discovery, the Internet lit up with speculation as to what this Pokemon was and whether or not this was an accidental reveal by Niantic.

Niantic and The Pokemon Company quickly addressed the Phanpy in the room and put out a special trailer about the mysterious Meltan, which showcased both Professor Willow and Professor Oak talking about the Hex Nut Pokemon.

Whether this was the original plan or not, Nintendo has done an excellent job integrating the “accident” into a marketing push for both GO and Let’s Go. We now have our first glimpse into the 8th Generation, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


Aside from Meltan’s existence, there is one other piece of news I’d like to touch on, which I haven’t covered before, but I feel like I should probably start because of its regularity.

Going back to the Community Day fiasco that led to Meltan’s reveal, a new Community Day event has been scheduled for October 21st. This day’s spotlight falls on Beldum, much to my delight. Along with increased spawns of Beldum, eggs will receive a 1/4 boost to hatching and Lure Modules will last for three hours. The event will last for only three hours, so make the most of your time and call in sick if you want to get a mighty Metagross. I personally will be burning a vacation day just for this, its that important.


And that is it for Pokemon News. What do you think of Meltan? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, I’ll see you guys in the next issue!