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Pokemon News Issue #146

Pokemon News Issue #146


Welcome back to a smashtastic episode of Pokemon News. I say this because the final Smash Bros Direct aired the day of writing, and we have some important information Pokemonwise to get into. So lets…..get into it. (Man I need to work on this whole intro thing.)


Due to the “Grinch Leak”, a possible full roster of fighters for the upcoming “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” was prematurely revealed, possibly indicating new fighters yet to be revealed, such as Ken from Street Fighter, Shadow the Hedgehog and Banjo-Kazooie. The final Smash direct only confirmed that Ken was an actual fighter; an echo fighter of Ryu. But the surprise came in the form of an all new non-echo fighter that appropriately opposes Ken in a fighting sense. And that is none other than Alola’s very own Incineroar!


Boast powerful moves such as Cross Chop, Revenge, its signature move Darkest Lariat, and a number of wrestling styled moves, Incineroar follows in the footsteps of Lucario and Greninja of representing the current generation of Pokemon at the time of the newest Smash game. True to its wrestling nature, anytime Incineroar pulls off a successful special move, he taunts/gloats to his opponent. Luckly, these taunts can be interrupted by the player controlling Incineroar and do not add a penalty to him. Its a nice touch if you ask me.

Of course, his Final Smash borrows from his signature Z-Move, launching into a fire blaze of attacks ending in a fiery smash to the ground. The Final Smash itself is called “Max Malicious Moonsault”



On a side note, it has also been confirmed that Tapu Koko is the final new Pokemon to appear out of the Pokeball item. At present, it is unclear what Tapu Koko will do when sent out.



Along with this Smash reveal, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee also had some new information dropped as well, and will have the competitive players pretty happy. A new NPC called the Fortune Teller will allow players to select which Natures for Pokemon they will encounter in the wild by determining which color they want to increase and which color to decrease, with colors representing the stats that will increase and decrease based on the Nature. This makes Nature hunting EXTREMELY simple for everyone, and the effect lasts the entire day.

The IV Judge is also returning, though it appears that the IV Judge is part of the post-game.

The Meltan Mystery Box was also officially confirmed as well, along with its mechanics. By trading one Pokemon from GO to Let’s Go once a week, you will get the Mystery Box, which when activated, will cause Meltan to appear in GO.



And that’s it for Pokemon News. What do you think of Incineroar in Smash Ultimate? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, I’ll see you guys in the next issue.