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Pokemon News Issue #147

Pokemon News Issue #147


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Announcement

Hey guys! I’m not dead! And the news is back once more!

You’re probably wondering where the news has been this whole time. Well, its a simple answer; there wasn’t enough meaty news to report on for a long time. But NOW, we’ve got plenty to go around. So let’s dive in and see what’s going on.

First and foremost, at long last, the Eighth Generation is upon us. Coming in late 2019, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!



Formally introduced during a seven minute Nintendo Direct specifically for the game, Sword and Shield IS the main series Switch game that has been hinted for the past year, making it the first game in the main series to be a console exclusive.

After a week of video uploads on the Pokemon Youtube channel featuring the different regions in a sort of “tourist video” style, the Eighth Generation was finally shown. And the region in question was also revealed.

Welcome to the Galar Region.



Loosely based on either Britain, Ireland, or the United Kingdom as a whole, Galar is described as being an industrial region (perfect for Meltan), featuring many towns and cities all connected by a railroad network. (I smell Battle Trains.) Your journey will start in the southern part of Galar as you progress your way north to reach the Pokemon League, making it quite possibly the most linear region out of the entire series. Galar and the Eighth Generation will also usurer in the return of Pokemon Gyms and Gym Leaders, returning back to forme from the past few years of Trials.

But enough about the region, time for what we all want to see; the starters.

Not much is known about these Pokemon yet, but in due time, we’ll know more about them, their abilities, their moves, as well as their typings and evolutions.

So which one will you choose; the Grass Monkey Grookey, the Fire Bunny Scorbunny, or the sad Water Lizard Sobble?





Personally between you, me, and the floorboards, I plan on choosing Scorbunny, unless the evolutions sway me differently.

At this moment, that is it for any more information about Sword and Shield. But that isn’t all I have….

Just coming in as of writing, the first trailer for the new animated Pokemon Movie, “Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION” was showcased on the latest episode of Oha Suta. The trailer features different scenes from the movie, this time all in computer generated forme. It is true to what it is advertising, this is a computer animated remake of the very first Pokemon Movie, and the shots are kinda strange.


Granted, I’m used to seeing all these characters as cartoon animations, so of course its gonna look a little weird, but either way, I’m excited to see this movie. It kinda nostalgic; I saw the original movie as a kid, and now that I evolved into a boring adult, its cool to see this movie evolve as well.

And that is it for Pokemon News. Will you be getting Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield? Which starter do you plan on picking? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, I’ll see you guys in the next issue.