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Pokemon News Issue #31

Pokemon News Issue #31

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News.

In X and Y news, a special distribution event will occur later this month. From August 13th to September 17th, players will be able to download either Heracross or Pinsir to their copy of X or Y depending on which version of the game you own (X gets Heracross and Y gets Pinsir). What’s even more important is that at participating Gamestop stores in the U.S from August 13th to the 31st, X players can obtain the Heracronite mega stone while Y players can download Pinsirite. This is the first time version exclusive mega stones have being made accessible on both versions of the game. So look out for those.

In Smash Bros news, N’s Castle will be a playable stage on the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. The only information about the stage that is known is that Reshiram, Zekrom, and Milotic will be stage hazards. This draws a similar parallel to the Spear Pillar stage for Brawl, where Dialga, Palkia, and Cresselia were stage hazards.

In concert news, the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions tour has revealed another concert date in Washington D.C. The concert will be on August 16th, coinciding with the World Championships being held there as well.

In Twitch News, TwitchPlaysPokemon has successfully beaten Pokemon X, thus completing one game from EVERY generation. But this isn’t the end. The stream is said that it will continue on by playing various other Pokemon games including ROM hacks. As for the X playthrough, this was probably the most successful run out of any Pokemon game. Not only were they able to catch Xerneas, but during the early post game, they somehow were able to receive a Diancie from someone. No joke. Wrap your head around that one for a while.

Finally, in TCG news, a new English set has been announced for retail this November. Dubbed “Phantom Forces”, this set will feature Aegislash EX, Mega Gengar EX, and Mega Manetric EX. So TCG fans, that one’s for you.

That’s it for Pokemon News. See you guys next week.