Welcome to another exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL.

In Pokken Tournament news, more information about the fighters have been revealed. New costume changes have been shown for the available characters in the game: Pikachu is shown wearing blue shorts, Lucario is red instead of blue (similar to Smash), Suicune is white, Gardevoir is red, and Machamp is green. Also revealed were two new support Pokemon: Eevee, who uses Helping Hand to assist the fighter, and Frogadier, who uses Water Pulse to attack. We can expect more updates for the game in the near future.

In Manga news, the Pokemon Adventures Manga has begun the ORAS arc. As such, everything that was either awesome or “meh” in the ORAS games is now even more awesome in the manga, so go check it out.

In anime news, the Pokemon XY anime will start back up again this coming Saturday. In honor of the return of the anime, PokemonTV is now airing the Pokemon short “Pikachu – What’s This Key?”, where Pikachu and the Pokemon go on an adventure with a Klefki, who will be making its anime debut in the short. Darkrai, Jirachi, Manaphy and Victini are also known to show up in the short, so go check it out.

That’s it for Pokemon News. See you guys next week.