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Pokemon News Issue #67

Pokemon News Issue #67

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. Finally we have some news to discuss, and its the kind of news that I can keep reporting on when new information is revealed. So lets get into it.

In game news, we have received information that a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game is set to be released for the 3DS later this year. Called “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon”, this will be the second Mystery Dungeon game to appear on the 3DS. No further information about the game has been revealed as of this writing, but it can be assumed that Gen 6 Pokemon will be playable characters in this game. As for Mega Evolution, this mechanic won’t probably be available due to the lack of trainers in the Mystery Dungeon Universe. More information will be posted when it is made known.

In movie news, CoroCoro revealed a small amount of information pertaining to Hoopa and its Unbound Forme. Mainly, CoroCoro examined Hoopa Unbound’s signature move “Hyperspace Fury”. Using its many rings, Hoopa launches an onslaught of attacks by punching through the many rings at the opponent. The attack also passes through protection moves like Protect and Detect. Small CoroCoro leak, but still enough to talk about.

In anime news, new Pokemon have been shown to be obtained by the main characters in the Pokemon XY show due to the new opening that is being used. Ash has been revealed to catch a Noibat at some point. This Noibat in particular has trouble flying, which is nothing Ash, Fletchinder, and Hawlucha can’t fix. Seriously, how many Flying Types will Ash have when the XY series ends? Anyway, next, though it hasn’t been revealed, Jessie’s Pumpkaboo speculated to evolve into Gourghiest, due to a Gourghiest hanging around Meowth, Wobbufett, and Inkay, with no Pumpkaboo present. And finally, Serena has been revealed to “pull a May” and catch an Eevee at some point. During the opening, Serena sees this Eevee performing on its own the same way Pancham did when Serena first met him. It has also been speculated that this Eevee will evolve into Sylveon due to the XY presence of Fairy Types and lack there of for the main characters. Dedenne has been the only Fairy Type the protagonists have had access to so far. So look forward to that.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. It nice to have something to report on now. And thanks to a new game being revealed, I’ll have plenty to talk about in the future. So see you guys next week.