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Pokemon News Issue #68

Pokemon News Issue #68

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. A couple of thing to talk about, so lets get underway.

In movie news, surprisingly this isn’t about the upcoming “Hoopa and the Clash of Legends” movie, but rather a documentary about the VGC. Yes you heard me right. A documentary is currently being funded on Kickstarter called “To Be the Very Best”. It will follow two Pokemon VGC champions as they progress to become the greatest VGC player, as well as expanding on the knowledge of the process of VGC and the VGC itself. Currently, the project is sitting at around $7,000+, with its goal being $50,000 and a little under a month to go. If you are interested in backing the documentary, follow this link for more details.

Unfortunately, this is where the informative Pokemon News ends but I get to talk about what is going to be happening this week with PUCL. As most of you know by now, the Summer League is about to start, this Sunday in fact. If you wish to know more about the upcoming league, click on the Summer League tab at the top of this webpage and review the information. As the Steel Type gym leader for this year, I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces as you all come to earn my badge. Can’t wait to get started!

And that’s it for Pokemon News. See you guys at my gym!