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Pokemon News Issue #78

Pokemon News Issue #78

Welcome to the 78th issue of Pokemon News, and boy do we have something very important to discuss. So let’s dive right in.

In game news, remember all those rumors that Nintendo was going to start moving toward mobile platforms for its games? Well those aren’t rumors anymore with the reveal of Pokemon Go, an augmented reality Pokemon game for mobile devices developed by Niantic. In this game, players use their mobile devices to seek out, battle, and catch Pokemon in certain areas of the world using their device’s camera to see the Pokemon. Players also have the option of meeting up with other trainers playing the game IRL and engaging in either trainer vs trainer battles or working together to be a community challenge, such as a mass battle against Mewtwo. The game will also come with a special watch peripheral called the Pokemon Go Plus, which will alert the player of any nearby Pokemon in the area. Niantic has revealed that a private closed beta will occur sometime this Winter for a select few, with a full release occurring sometime in 2016.

Oh and there were rumors of a possible new main series game coming out at some point.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. See you guys next week.