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Pokemon News Issue #70

Pokemon News Issue #70

Welcome to the 70th issue of Pokemon News. Yes, 70th. I know, that is a pretty big number. Anyway, two things to talk about today, so lets get into it.

In Mystery Dungeon News, another small trailer for “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” was revealed. The trailer showcases some more gameplay, and confirms that your player Pokemon and partner Pokemon are determined by certain answer that you give for questions, just like in previous Mystery Dungeon games. So after Japan plays through it enough before us, we’ll just look up the answers to get the Pokemon that we really want.

In TCG news, another new XY set has been teased. Known as “Blue Impact” and “Red Flash”, this new set is to be released sometime after the “Bandit Ring” set and will feature both forms of Mega Mewtwo for the first time in the TCG. So look forward to that.

And that’s it for Pokemon News, at least before E3 starts next week, so I should have much more to talk about. But before I go, just a little announcement. I WILL NOT be available for gym battles this week due to a family outing that day. I will try to make it up at some other time, so just check the chat every so often and you might find me. Until then, see you guys after E3.