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Pokemon News Issue #71

Pokemon News Issue #71

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. E3 has come and gone, and there are quite a few things I am very excited for. Nintendo showed off some pretty cool things, like Star Fox Zero, Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, and a new Mario Tennis. But unfortunately for us, not much was shown for Pokemon. Still though, I have stuff to talk about, so let’s get into it.

In Mystery Dungeon news, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon was the only thing in Pokemon that was shown off at E3 this year; no Pokemon Z, no Gen 4 remakes, no Gen 7 announcement, nothing. Then again, they tend to do more of those Nintendo Directs throughout the year, so who knows. Anyway, back to SMD. An English trailer and footage from the Nintendo’s Treehouse Live Event at E3 for the upcoming spin-off shows off more about the game as a whole. In the beginning once more, you have to answer questions that will determine what Pokemon you will be, but can choose against the chosen Pokemon if you wish. As for your partner, you can decide whether they are “cool” or “cute”. I’m chalking this one up as a kidish was of determining if your partner is male or female. The hub town is named Serene Village and the game itself starts off with you tracking down a Deerling’s and Shelmut’s friend, a Goomy, who got lost in your first dungeon, the Foreboding Forest. As the story progresses, you and your partner have to deal with the encroaching problem of Pokemon, even legendaries, turning to stone. Once more, I’m pointing the finger at Yveltal for this one. All in all, I am pretty interested in this game. I haven’t played one since Explorers of Time, so this will be a good change of pace for me.

In competition news, the 2015 International Challenge for June is about to begin. Registration begins now and goes until June 25th (my b-day!) and the actual competition starts June 26th and goes until the 28th. The top 256 players will recieve championship points that can be used for future tournaments. So look out for that.

And with that, that’s it for Pokemon News. Kinda dry given that its E3. But anyway, see you guys either in the gym, or a week from now when I’m 23. Man do I feel old.