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Pokemon News Issue #72

Pokemon News Issue #72

Welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News. Somehow, I completely forgot to upload an issue last week, so just imagine that I completely forgot about it due to it being my birthday last week. Anyway, let’s get to it.

In Pokken Tournament news, during a recent livestream showcase of the game, more information was revealed, including two new fighter and two new support characters. The new fighters that were revealed were Weavile and Charizard. Weavile’s super move seemed to be some sort of amped up Shadow Claw attack, while Charizard’s was predictably his X Mega Evolution. But surprisingly, the two new support Pokemon were two no one thought would be supporters; Jirachi and our very own Whimsicott! When I ask TheFluffiestWhimsicott what she thought about her kind participating in a fighting tournament, she was very proud at her role as well as pointing out that the game has “put her on par with mythical Pokemon”. Who knows what other fighters and supporter will show up next time and when the game is fully released.

In game news, the amazing game that is Pokemon Shuffle will be coming to IOS and Android later this year. After going through beta stages from now until the 14th, the game is due to come out at a later point in the year. So if you need MORE moblie freedom for this game, then download it as soon as it comes out….

In other app news, the Pokemon Jukebox App is now available in the U.S. and Europe for all Google Play Devices. The app allows users to listen to various in-game music from the Pokemon games, although it is a limited selection. It is actually cheaper to by the separate albums on iTunes or another music distribution service if you ask me. But if you are still interested, go check it out.

In distribution news, the special Dragonite distribution at Gamestop has begun in the United States. From now until July 12th, you can receive a special Dragonite with the ability Multiscale and the moves Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hurricane, and Extremespeed, as well as it holding a Lum Berry. So get this Dragonite while its hot.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. See you guys next time.