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Pokemon News Issue #76

Pokemon News Issue #76

Welcome to a very exciting issue of Pokemon News. Why is it exciting? Because CoroCoro that’s why. So let’s dive right in.

In anime news, CoroCoro revealed some new details for the upcoming Mega Evolution Act IV special due to come out in less than a month or so. The information reveals that Zygarde will make its anime debut in the special and will be a prominent Pokemon in the special. Alain is going for broke to become the strongest and is betting his Mega Ring and Mega Stone if he can’t beat 10 mega evolution trainers in a row. Personally I wouldn’t have gone THAT far. But what is more important than that is that Marin’s Chespin is shown to meet the unknown green Pokemon. Not only that, but there are about 5 of these guys shown, most of which seem to be unconscious in the trailer. So we are left with even more questions about this Pokemon than ever before. Hopefully the special will shed some light on this little guy.

In game news, CoroCoro also revealed more information about the upcoming “Pokemon Super Myster Dungeon”. It details information about how Mega Evolution works in a dungeon, showing that it’s sheer power can break through dungeon walls. Power up items called Ringlets were also shown, allowing the player and their partner to gain a unique perk for the dungeon by placing a specific stone in the ringlet. The stone only lasts for one dungeon, so use them wisely.

In distribution news, a surprise distribution of a shiny Rayquaza that can mega evolve holding a dragon fang has made its way onto the mystery gift option. Simple search for a mystery gift via the Internet and you’ll find this very powerful shiny ready to use. No information on how long it will last, so get it while you can.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. It’s always nice to have CoroCoro leak to beef up the news. But according to my sources (yes I have sources), something even bigger is coming in the next CoroCoro issue. Until then, see you guys next week.