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Pokemon News Issue #77

Pokemon News Issue #77

Welcome to the newest installment of Pokemon News. Last week I didn’t post an issue due to there being no news to talk about. But then then last week, BIG news came out of Pokemon Worlds. (Cuz of course it would.) So with out further a do, let’s get into it.

In games news, as pretty much everyone assumed, Pokken Tournament is going to be making its own “Journey to the West” and will be on the Wii U in Spring of 2016. Along with the announcement, a new fighter was revealed to be Pikachu Libre, the fighting type cosplay Pikachu of ORAS. Its fitting to see this variant of Pikachu being used in this game, and it also brings up the thought of if other cosplay Pikachus will be playable in the game. We’ll know more as Spring gets closer. It has also been revealed that “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” will be released in the United States on November 20th 2015, just ahead of the holiday season. So mark your calendars, and leave a spot for when Pokemon Z gets revealed.

In championship news, the Pokemon World Championship happened last week, and the new champions have been found:

The 2015 Junior Division TCG World Champion is Rowan Stavenow from Canada.
The 2015 Senior Division TCG World Champion is Patrick Martinez from the United States.
The 2015 Masters Division TCG World Champion is Jacob Van Wagner from the United States.
The 2015 Junior Division Video Game World Champion is Kotone Yasue from Japan
The 2015 Senior Division Video Game World Champion is Mark Mcquillan from the United Kingdom.
The 2015 Masters Division Video Game World Champion is Shoma Honami from Japan.

It has also been revealed that next year’s Pokémon World Championships in 2016 will be held in San Francisco, California.

More than just Pokemon Battles occurred at Worlds this year around, but many potential lives were saved there too. Let me explain. Two Pokemon players, James Stumbo and Kevin Norton of Iowa, were planning on attending Worlds this year. But social media alerted authorities of a potentially deadly plan that the two had. Stumbo and Norton were detained in their hotel room in Boston where Worlds was being held. After a search warrant was given to search their car, where they found an AR-15 rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a hunting knife. Now I’m not a VGC or TCG expert here, but I don’t think you need those to have a Pokemon battle. The two players were arrested on weapons related charges since the weapons were obtained illegally by the two, but it is widely believed that the two were going to do something very terrible the second they were to enter the convention center. Thank goodness the police were able to stop this plot from being carried out.

That is it for Pokemon News. Let’s hope next issue talks more about Pokemon alright?