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Pokemon News Issue #82

Pokemon News Issue #82

Welcome to a new issue of Pokemon News here on the Pokemon Underground Champions League. Thanks to a very lovely Nintendo Direct that dropped yesterday, I have plenty of Pokemon related news to share with you. Unfortunately, no Pokemon Z was revealed, but something pretty important did get revealed. So let’s start with that.

The biggest reveal from the Direct confirmed that at long last, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow (Green as well in Japan) will be brought to the 3DS eShop February 27th, 2016, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. The games will retain the same mechanics as their retro counterparts. As for the link cable, the games will have access to wireless communications to replace the Link Cable, making trading and battling with others still possible. I’m very exciting about this, because I have a confession to make. I’ve never truly played the Gen 1 games before. Now I have the opportunity to fill that hole in my life.

Pokken Tournament was also shown off during the Direct as well, highlighting that Shadow Mewtwo will be a playable fighter and not just a boss. Shadow Mewtwo can be accessed by using a special Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card available to those who buy early copies of the game when it launches on the Wii U early 2016. Look forward to that and more fighters as the release date draws near.

And on a final note, something about a new freemium game called Pokemon Pictcross, its not really that important when compared to the retro games coming back.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. Hopefully we will get a Pokemon Z announcement soon. See you guys next time!