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Pokemon News Issue #86

Pokemon News Issue #86

Welcome to Pokemon News here on PUCL. And BOOOOOOOOOYYYYY do we have some news to talk about. And by “some” I mean more than usual. So lets dive right in.

In reveal news, the Steam Pokemon and the final mythical Pokemon of the 6th generation, Volcanion, has been officially revealed. The long awaited last Pokemon of the XY Pokedex made its debut in the newest issue of CoroCoro, where it was revealed that Volcanion will play a major roll in the upcoming XY & Z movie, the 3rd in the 6th gen. This fire/water type Pokemon is the first of its typing, so it will be an interesting opponent to face on the battlefield. Details of how and when to obtain it have not been disclosed, but will be revealed at a later time.

In movie news, “Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages” will make its United States debut on Cartoon Network today as you are reading this at 6pm-ish. I won’t be able to see it myself due to my sister’s graduation, but please tell me what you thought of it and whether you liked it or now.

In Pokken Tournament news, a new Wii U box set has been revealed for a Japanese release featuring Pokken Tournament. The Wii U set will contain the game itself as well as a controller just like the one being used in the arcade machines for Pokken Tournament. The Wii U set will cost 3,480¥ and will be released March 18, 2016. Along with this box set reveal, four new support Pokemon have been revealed: Togekiss, Rotom, Dragonite, and Victini. No information is known about what these new support Pokemon do, but we will know sooner or later.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. See you guys next week with hopefully more news!