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Pokemon News Issue #87

Pokemon News Issue #87


Welcome back to the long awaited next installment in Pokemon News here on PUCL. I don’t know how this happened, but I’ve gone from having no news for about three weeks to having nearly too much news to talk about. So let’s dive in and break down all the that Pokemon has to offer.

First off, perhaps one of the biggest distribution events ever to happen in Pokemon will commence this February. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, this distribution will give players EVERY SINGLE mythical Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 5, most of which have not been obtainable in ORAS. From Mew to Genesect, everyone will be able to download them to ORAS. Each Pokemon will be available as follows:

* Mew on Feb. 1 at Gamestop
* Celebi on March 1 on the Nintendo Network
* Jirachi in April on the Nintendo Network
* Darkrai in May at Gamestop
* Manaphy in June on the Nintendo Network
* Shaymin in July on the Nintendo Network
* Arceus in August at Gamestop
* Victini in September on the Nintendo Network
* Keldeo in October on the Nintendo Network
* Genesect in November at Gamestop
* Meloetta in December on the Nintendo Network

An entire month of mythical distributions!? I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them, especially that there Genesect.

Along with the 20th anniversary, new Pokemon themed 3DS systems will be made available in the U.S. These new 3DS systems will come with either a Charizard or Blastoise faceplate (special 2DS systems with come with Charizard, Blastoise, and Pikachu faceplates) and will come with either Pokemon Red or Blue pre-installed on their respective 3DS. A release date has not been revealed.

And even CoroCoro is getting in on the action, with new information about Volcanion in the new Pokemon XY & Z movie. The issue details certain aspects of the movie, describing Volcanion as a Pokemon that hates humans, even so much as to showing a poster of Volcanion and Ash butting heads with each other. But CoroCoro also details that its next issue will contain “a major announcement that will affect the entire world for the movie.” So look out for that.

Also to come out of CoroCoro was the reveal of four new playable fighters for Pokken Tournament. Garchomp, Mewtwo and Braxien, and Chandelure have been confirmed to be playable. Garchomp is capable of Mega Evolving, Mewtwo can square off with its dark counterpart, and Braxien and Chandelure specializing in ranged attacks. A psuedo, a legend, an underevolved, and someone with no appendages. Pretty much anyone can become a fighter and guessing the roster is nearly impossible. And I love it. Can’t wait for either Magnezone or Darkrai to become a fighter.

And that’s it for Pokemon News. Thanks to this year being the 20th anniversary, we can expect many more important announcements and reveals in the coming weeks. So stay tuned to Pokemon News.