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Pokemon News Issue #89

Pokemon News Issue #89

Welcome back to Pokemon News here on PUCL. We got some pretty good news coming your way, so let’s get right into it.

In distribution news, the first mythical Pokemon distribution to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon has just begun. Mew is now available to receive at participating Gamestop stores via serial codes. This Mew is lvl 100, has the ability Synchronize, and only knows the move Pound. That might sound bad, but remember, Mew can learn EVERY move in the entire game, so make your choices. Mew will be available from February 1 to the 24th. So get it while you can.

In Pokken Tournament News, Chandelure has been showcased as a playable fighter in the upcoming fighting game. Much like Braxien, Chandelure specializes in, well, Special Attacks. Though categorized as a “glass cannon” by Thatch and pretty much everyone else, Chandelure’s attacks and fighting style suggest otherwise. I will definitely be playing as Chandelure when the game is released.

In Pokemon GO news, a special event at the San Francisco Game Developer’s Conference next month will showcase the highly anticipated mobile game by Niantic. Participants will get to experience the first ever gameplay of Pokemon GO. So when the game is showcased, we will finally be able to see how the game works. I will most certainly report on it when the news comes out.

And other than Detective Pikachu being released in Japan, that is it for Pokemon News this week. I will see you guys when there is news to report on