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Pokemon News Issue #90

Pokemon News Issue #90

Pokemon News

Welcome back to a very very special issue of Pokemon News. I’ve got one of the most important news bombshells that has dropped since new megas were revealed for ORAS, so let’s get right into it.

In Pokemon News, CoroCoro leaked something nobody saw coming. CoroCoro has revealed a new Pokemon! And its name is Magiana, the man-made Pokemon.


That’s right; MAN-MADE!! As a trainer who finds machine Pokemon to be some of the best Pokemon in the whole game, to have another one with essence of Mew and Diancie in its design make it all the more fascinating. But here is the thing that makes Magiana’s “reveal” all the more important; Magiana was not found in X and Y’s data, nor was it found in ORAS’s data, like Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion were. If Magiana was there, we would have found it along with the other three. But we haven’t, which means Magiana can’t be caught or traded to any 6th generation game. According to many speculators, Serebii and myself included, it is believed that Magiana is in fact the first 7th generation Pokemon! Magiana is set to be a main Pokemon in the upcoming Volcanion movie, where Volcanion is searching for Magiana and her “secret”. As far as Magiana herself, its pretty much assumed that her typing would be part steel if not pure steel. As for, well, anything else, there isn’t anything else. I do like the design of Magiana. I can imagine that when thrown into battle, you throw her in ball forme and she transforms out of the ball forme. The player also doesn’t even keep her in a Pokeball and just literally throws her out. I’m just REALLY excited about Magiana and this possible 7th generation of Pokemon. What other secrets could Magiana bring to the world of Pokemon. Only time can tell.

And that is pretty much it for Pokemon News this week. Let us see what happens next week now that Magiana is floating around on the web.