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Pokemon News Issue #91 (Gen 7 Maybe!?)

Pokemon News Issue #91 (Gen 7 Maybe!?)

Pokemon News

Welcome back to a very exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. I’m not going to beat around the bush, over small tree blocking the path ahead with this one, so let’s get right into it


In game news, during the Nintendo Direct yesterday, a very important announcement was made regarding the future of the core Pokemon series. The newest additions to the franchise, “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” have been confirmed to be real!

Sun and Moon

Unfortunately, very little is known about these titles. They are set to be released during the holiday season of 2016, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation about these two games from already beginning. Much of the speculation is based around the small bits of footage that was shown during the Direct that show the game being worked on.






Based on these screenshots in my opinion, all roads lead to Sun and Moon being Generation 7. From the new design of the Pokemon Centers to the design of what appears to be Gen 7’s answer to Pidgey, Hoothoot, Tailow, Starly, Pidove, and Fletchling. Everthing about these screenshots just screams Gen 7 to me, but we won’t know until later on in the year, when CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon to us for Sun and Moon. And you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be one of the first to report on it.


In other game news, just as important as the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon being real, the Nintendo 3DS eShop versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are now available to purchase and play. The eShop versions are exact versions of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow games, except for one new feature: Pokemon that are caught in Red, Blue, and Yellow CAN be transferred to Pokemon Bank and then into either X, Y, or ORAS! It may not be the same Blastoise you had when you first played Red and Blue, but consider it a reincarnation of it instead. Once I get some money put onto my eShop account, you can bet that I will be getting Pokemon Red and finally be able to play, through its entirety, the game I never got the chance to play in its hayday.


And that’s it for Pokemon News. With the reveal of Sun and Moon, I will be very busy these next couple of months when more information about these new games is made known. Until then, see you guys next time!