Pokemon News Issue #92


Welcome to the 92nd issue of Pokemon News. Only eight more are we can finally enter the Pokemon League Championshi….wait. Wrong eight things. Anyway, onto the news.

In Game News, a new mobile game is in development along with Pokemon Go, which still has no actual gameplay footage yet, but baby steps guys. This new game titled “Pokemon Comcaster” is being developed in a partnership between the Pokemon Company and HEROZ, which are known for making AI systems for chess and backgammon games. So if HEROZ is working on this, we have a pretty good idea of what Pokemon Comcaster will be like. It is a strategy board game for Android and iOS devices which functions much like the online Pokemon TCG, except instead of cards, players collect figurines of Pokemon and create a deck to battle others with. I guess this means its more like the TFG (Trading Figure Game) than the TCG in that aspect. The game is due to come out in Japan this Spring, with no information on a western release given at this time. But if Pokemon Go is making a western appearance, then Comcaster won’t be far behind.

In distribution news, CoroCoro leaked the first ever Volcanion distribution that will happen. As usual, this distribution will be tied in with the release of the next Pokemon movie “Volcanion & The Ingenious Magearna” and will be given out through serial codes on the movie tickets. This Volcanion will be at level 70 and will know the movies Steam Eruptions, Overheat, Hydro Pump, and Mist, and it will also be holding a Rage Candy Bar. No doubt that sometime in the future when this movie airs in the west, we will get a similar one at participating locations, but at long last, the last Gen 6 Pokemon will finally be obtainable!

And that does it for Pokemon News. Nothing to report on from Sun and Moon, but there are still so many possibilities with the two titles, and as soon as anything is either leaked through CoroCoro or confirmed by Nintendo, you hear it here guys. And as always, see you next issue!

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