Pokemon News Issue #93 (Pokemon GO is A GO!)

Pokemon News

Welcome to Pokemon News here on PUCL. This week’s issue is going to be all about Pokemon GO, as a lot of information was revealed about, none of which is about when the game will be released, but this is equally important. So let’s break down what was revealed.

These pictures on Serebii are some of the only official screenshots that we have for Pokemon GO, but there is a lot from these images that we can see:

1                2                3                4

From the information revealed, Pokemon GO functions much like Niantic’s other game “Ingress”. Both utilize real world maps and locations for Pokemon and item locations. Certain monuments are labeled as “PokeStops”, which is where players can find items to use in captures and battles. Pokemon eggs can also be found at “PokeStops”, which can hatch into Pokemon that you haven’t seen yet in your area.

With the player’s level, it can be increased as you catch more and more Pokemon. The higher level you are, more rarer Pokemon will appear in the area. You will also gain access to better items and Pokeballs, such as Greatballs.

As far as Pokemon locations go, its pretty much exactly what we all assumed would happen. Pokemon will be found in locations based on their typing. A good example is that you will find water-types near the ocean, river, or lake. So if we were to find a fire-type, we’d probably have to go to our nearest volcano or something.

With the gameplay that was shown, Pokemon will appear on your map along with your player avatar. (See image 1 or 3) When you encounter a Pokemon, a battle phase will begin, where the Pokemon will be displayed in your real location using your phone’s camera to display it. (See image 2) You will then use the Pokeball that you have to capture the Pokemon. If you want your Pokemon to evolve, you have to capture the same species multiple time to trigger the evolution.

When you reach a certain level in the game, you will have the option to join one of three teams which work with the gym feature in the game, which are found in certain locations around the world. Each team can gain control of a gym by defeating the Pokemon that the owning team set up for the gym. Each member can only set one Pokemon at the gym they control.

When Pokemon GO is released, hold off on joining a certain team. Thatch and the rest of the Blackthorn Council will most likely be all on the same team together, and we’ll designate that as the official Pokemon GO PUCL team for all PUCL members to join.

And with that, we now know everything there is to know about Pokemon GO as of this moment. Personally, I’m even more hyped over the game, and I can’t wait to finally play it. What do you think about Pokemon GO? Tell me your opinions in the comments below. And with that, I will see you guys in the next issue, hopefully with some good news about Sun and Moon maybe.

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