Pokemon News Special Edition: Let’s “Switch!” to a New Console

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Hello one and all. Its me, Viger, and it has been quite a while since my last upload. Who would’ve thought that after a huge new Pokemon game release, there wouldn’t be any news for a long time. But luckly, Nintendo has come to give me something that I can report on, as well as speculate on too. (That and Scron said it would be a good topic to discuss.)


So what’s this big thing that I’m going to talk about? Its none other than the fully unveiled Nintendo Switch!




Last week, Nintendo held a special press conference where they showed off the Switch, the tech behind it, and the various games that will be coming out for the system during its first year. So first up, let’s take a look at the console itself.


As we know, like most Nintendo systems, there is some sort of gimmick that separates it from the Xbox and Playstation systems. This time around, the Switch is all about portability. Not the way that the Gamecube was with its handle. The Switch is designed to be the first ever portable console, that can be played literally anywhere: at home, the park, the restaurant, a plane, a train, and any automobile. And not only that, the system is designed to allow up to two people to play on the same console ANYWHERE. The gaming potential with this system is incredible. It would be a great way to break the ice on a first date if you ask me. (Though I wouldn’t try it on every girl you meet.) Anyway, the system makes this possible by allowing the player to play using a controller called a “Joy Con”, which can be separated into two separate controllers for two players. The Joy Cons can also be connected to the tablet portion of the console as well, undocked from its stand, a played just like a Wii U gamepad. The graphical capabilities of the tablet display the game at a 1280×720 resolution. The tablet screen comes with a built-in stand for easier gaming. The Joy Con supports amiibo scanning (Thatch) as well as a new piece of tech dubbed “HD Rumble”. This new rumble feature allows for more immersed vibration in the controller; an example that was displayed at the announcement was that the rumble feature could allow the player to discern the number of ice cubes in a glass just by the vibrations in the controller. The USB charger that is included with the system allows for the console to be charged while in use. Speaking of charging, the battery life of the Switch is set at three to six hours, depending on the intensity of the game that is being played. Coupled with being able to play while it charges is an improvement of the Wii U’s battery life problems. One last thing about the console itself before we move on. The Joy Con controllers come in three different colors: default gray, red, and light blue. There is very much the possibility of other colors being available in the future.


The Switch is slated to launch on March 3, 2017, and is priced at US$299, JP¥29,980, £279.99, AU$469.95, and CA$399 . Mark your calendars, because its coming out soon.


That’s enough about the Switch itself. But what is a console without games. Though no Pokemon game has been announced, many other great games are coming to the Switch.




Its that day one launch group that has got people very excited. The Switch will launch with the long awaited Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With a trailer showing of possibly the first ever voiced Zelda game, this game will certainly sell this console. Other games that people didn’t see coming with the announcement include Splatoon 2, MarioKart 8 Deluxe, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Super Mario Odyssey. But still, no Pokemon.


Which brings us to the speculation about the Switch and Pokemon. What will this console do for the franchise? I have some ideas.

One such game that could be done would be a game reminiscent of Pokemon Stadium, Coliseum, and Battle Revolution. The Switch could allow for a main series-esque console game, like Coliseum and Gale of Darkness. I could see the player using only one Joy Con to play, and during each battle, the player is required to make a throwing motion with the Joy Con to send their Pokemon out into battle. The Joy Con’s could also be allowed to incorporate a “Pokemon Refresh” mechanic using the Joy Cons to take care of your Pokemon.

One other game that could be made for the Switch would be a successor to “Battle Revolution”. Now wait, hear me out. I could see the Switch playing this game to allow two players with Sun and Moon to battle each other through both their 3DS’s and the Switch itself. The Switch screen could be allowed to show a possible audience and more detailed battle that is happening between the two trainers. For instance, two players cross paths in the park. One of them has a Switch with them. Both challenge each other to a battle using the Switch. As their battle begins, three kids see the Switch playing the battle that is happening and move to the console to watch the battle unfold, cheering on which ever Pokemon that they want to win. The trainers that are battling also gain the appreciation that an audience is being entertained by their battle. This sort of display potential could also be handy for small tournaments to use to show the audience what each player is doing and what is going on in the battle. The each of watching over somebody’s shoulder is over!


And that is it for the Nintendo Switch for now. As the days go on, we will know more about the console and its games, as well as when a Switch Pokemon game is announced/revealed. And I’ll be sure to inform each and every one of you here on PUCL. We just need to wait until March 3rd. Until then, I’ll see you in the next issue.

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