Pokemon of the Week #23 – Passimian

Howdy PUCL, SumtimesIFly here! I have some great news this week, I am now officially a part of the Celadon Circle (PUCL writing team) so from now on all of the Pokemon of the Week articles will be posted here on the PUCL website. If this is the first time you have seen my name, and you like this kind of article, then feel free to check out the previous 22 Pokemon of the Week on the PUCL subreddit www.reddit.com/r/pucl. The origin of this article is that I loved the Pokemon of the Episode segment of the Podcast and I always wanted to talk about it with the rest of the community, so I began posting each week. There are plenty of other sources that also do Pokemon of the Week or Pokemon analysis and I will link those in the article for those of you who are interested in the very competitive side. For me I like being creative about the stories around each Pokemon and exploring their unique potentials. I used to be a competitive OU player in ORAS getting to the 1600’s on Showdown with my own team creations, but I have fallen off since Sun and Moon, therefore I have some team building experience but by no means am I an expert. The majority of the ideas I share in these articles are meant to spark conversation in the community. This brings me to my favourite part, I encourage the readers to share their favourite sets or experiences with the Pokemon of the Week, after all that is what gave me the idea in the first place.

Alright onto the fun stuff. This weekend was the Superbowl and we have with us the would be MVP of a Pokemon Superbowl, Passimian! The Superbowl could have been entirely represented by Pokemon this year, the New England Braviary vs the Atlanta Talonflame, and the fact that Braviary can learn Rock Slide should lead you to predict how that ended. Passimian is another one of those Pokemon I am not too familiar with, because it is a Sun exclusive and I have exclusively played Moon, so I am excited to learn more about it throughout this article!


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National Dex #766 – Passimian

Description: The Teamwork Pokemon
Type: Fighting
Abilities: Receiver
Hidden Ability: Defiant
Competitive: [Smogon RU and VGC 2017] (Note that the analyst makes a mistake and assumes Defiant is available but it is actually unobtainable in Sun and Moon)
Evolution: Passimian
Origin: Passimian’s name is based on a combination of Pass and Simian. It is designed after a black and white ruffed lemur with a melon on its head playing Rugby/American Football with another melon.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Sun and Moon
Dex Entry [Sun]: They form groups of roughly 20 individuals. Their mutual bond is remarkable—they will never let down a comrade.

Passimian is one of my favourite designs from Generation 7 and if it had been available in Moon it 100% would have been on my team in place of Kommo-o. The fact that it knows Fling and Acrobatics makes me think it would be a hilarious partner to have travelling through a forested area like its home in Lush Jungle. Swinging from vines and throwing melons down to you. For those of you that have seen the movie Madagascar you may know why I imagine a lemur Pokemon as being so mischievous.

As a singles Pokemon Passimian is at a significant disadvantage because its ability Receiver is only applicable to Doubles formats and its hidden ability Defiant is unavailable. On top of that, its base stat total of 490 is not doing it many favours. The strength it does have lies in its Attack stat, reasonable HP, and physical bulk. There are 2 sets I would try on Passimian. Choice Scarf, with U-Turn, Close Combat, Earthquake, Iron Head/Acrobatics/Brutal Swing/Rock Slide makes the most use of his Attack stat and access to U-Turn. Despite not having the deepest move coverage, the moves Passimian does have access to are quite powerful. In lower tiers it may be possible to run a Bulk Up set with Leftovers/Fightingnium-Z and even Substitute to beat stall teams. Unfortunately its special bulk is non-existent so it would only be able to set up on less threatening physical Pokemon.

Passimian really shines in VGC. It is not a popular choice in the current meta but its ability allows for plenty of creativity from the teambuilder. Whenever I see a swap ability mechanic I always think of Shedinja, but unfortunately Receiver is programmed not to swap Wonder Guard if Shedinja faints as Passimian’s ally. Some of the strongest abilities I can think of in the VGC meta are Queenly Majesty, Intimidate for lowering your opponents Attack a second time, Terrain/Weather for resetting your Terrain/Weather against the opponent, and Lightning Rod/Storm Drain for providing immunity. One that I like is Chlorophyl on a Sun team which could allow Passimian to sweep in the right circumstances. The biggest downside to all of this is that the ability only procs when your ally faints, I think it would pass Passimian into high tier VGC competition if it gained the ability of its ally whenever it switched in, as it stands the ability is to hard to predict and suffers for it. Other than that Passimian has access to some great doubles moves such as Feint, Quick Guard, and Rock Slide on top of its Singles damage dealing arsenal.

Personally I think it is a shame that Passimian doesn’t see more play, but even if he is reserved to a story mode Pokemon then I look forward to joining forces with this little lemur and passing the melon around all through my play-through of Sun! Until next time, SumtimesIFly.

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