Greetings PUCL fans! I don’t know about the majority of our members but I have been wrapped up in Pokemon Go since the new update, and I have definitely been seeing a lot of this happy, little, fellow. Quagsire! Quagsire has always had my vote for the happiest Pokemon which is quite an impressive title to hold for so many Generations. Am I missing a happier one? Let me know if you disagree. My  favourite part about Quagsire, aside from the smile, is how he battles exactly as his appearances would suggest. Something I will bring up later in the analysis.



Weekly Reminder: If you would like to see TCG content here please give me some recommendations and I will add it to subsequent articles. This would be doubly helpful for me since I am trying to learn the game myself!

National Dex #195 – Quagsire


Hey look, a wild TCG card appeared

Description: The Water Fish Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Abilities: Damp/Water Absorb
Hidden Ability: Unaware
Competitive: [Smogon OU] [Smogon NU] [Not legal in VGC 2017]
Evolution: Whooper -> Level 20 -> Quagsire

Origin: Quagsire is based on the siren genus of Salamander which is where the “-sire” part of its name comes from. There are wetlands called mires, which should be familiar to anyone who played The Witcher. A quagmire is the name for a less stable, swampy, mire and puts the “quag” in Quagsire.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Gold and Silver
Dex Entry [Silver]: Due to its relaxed and carefree attitude, it often bumps its head on boulders and boat hulls as it swims.



Shiny Quagsire was not included in TheFluffiestWhimsicott’s all pink Valentine’s Day team for some reason.


If you haven’t checked out the rest of the Pokedex entries for Quagsire that weren’t included in the article, I suggest you do, they are a lot of fun. I actually learned a lot about Quagsire this week, I didn’t even know it was a Salamander before. I always assumed it was just a blubbery, blue, blob. Who can blame me because that is exactly how it acts in battle. Quagsire has the ability Unaware which makes him ignore all of the opponent’s stat changes, whether he is attacking or being attacked. This allows him to sit there and absorb damage with a big smile. This ability helps Quagsire fill the niche of countering set up Pokemon such as Dragonite, Landorus, and all of the new Beast Boost Pokemon seeing play in the meta. I believe setting up is more common in Quagsire’s lowest tier, NU, than in OU but the fact that it still sees some level of play in OU shows that it is a very important ability.


Quagsire has been around for a while and there are plenty of great sets available for him on Smogon (see Competitive section) so I will only go over some highlights. The standard set is a Physical wall with Scald for burns, Toxic to deal with bulkier Pokemon, Earthquake for some offense, and Recover to continue absorbing damage throughout the battle. Since he is a physical wall you would like to have a special wall as well for support, Ferrothorn is a good option. It also helps having a Pokemon that can counter Quagsire’s 4x weakness to grass, something like a Mega Charizard. Quagsire has been known to participate on Stall teams but I think an Unaware Pokemon is always beneficial to any team that is weak to a meta set-up sweeper.

I will skip talking about Quagsire’s VGC performance because it is not legal in the format. However, I would like to talk about its other abilities. Water Absorb gives Quagsire the chance to counter any kind of Water type attacker such as Suicune or Rotom-Wash. I’m a big fan of Flash Fire/Water Absorb/Volt Absorb/Sap Sipper core combinations because of the predictions required and the opportunity for less viable Pokemon to shine when played correctly. The last ability Quagsire has is Damp, and if you thought Unaware made Quagsire hilariously indifferent to attacks being thrown at him, imagine him in the middle of an gigantic explosion and shaking it off afterwards. This ability is not competitively useful but is tremendously good at helping catch certain Pokemon, such as Alolan Geodude, that like to Explode as soon as you find them.


Quagsire the salamander may act like a punching bag but every time I see that smile I only want to hug it not punch it. I look forwarding to adding this to my Pokemon Go team now that the update is out and I wish all of you the best of luck finding in Quagsire yourselves!
Until next time, SumtimesIFly.