Welcome PUCL, today we investigate one of the rarest sights in all of Pokemon, a Hoenn native that is not a Water type, Flygon! I know on the podcast Thatch mentioned that he couldn’t see why Flygon got so much love when it doesn’t quite measure up to its Dragon type brothers, but he also somehow knew that I would be one of those people that love Flygon and he was correct. There are two things that make Flygon easy to empathize with. Its an underdog. It has all the potential to be great if used correctly but it needs to work so much harder than its counterparts. Secondly, Flygon tends to be a very isolated Pokemon hiding out in its comfort zone, Sandstorms. On top of that you have to admit, Flygon is pretty cute, look at those big eyes.



National Dex #330 – Flygon



Description: The Mystic Pokemon
Type: Ground / Dragon
Abilities: Levitate
Competitive: [Smogon RU] [PokeaimMD Sun and Moon] *I know PokeaimMD uses Flygon alot in RU but this is the only video I could find
Evolution: Trapinch -> Level 35 -> Vibrava -> Level 45 -> Flygon


Flygon has one of the most interesting evolution lines. Imagine how confused you would be as a kid if you had this little beetle until level 35! and then it turned into a dragonfly and finally all the way at level 45 a real dragon. It is awesome and all of their designs are very well done in my opinion.

 This week I learned something really cool. I always thought Flygon was based on a Dragonfly and that is in fact where its name comes from, a rearranging of the word Dragonfly. However, it is actually based on an Antlion who’s adult form is basically the same as a Dragonfly and are sometime known as “sandflies”. What is interesting is that antllion larvae, what Trapinch is based on, are predatory and dig sand pits to trap their prey. This perfectly fits Trapinch’s giant mouth, ground typing, and ability Arena Trap.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
Dex Entry [Moon]: This Pokémon hides in the heart of sandstorms it creates and seldom appears where people can see it.


Primal Clash


I always wanted Flygon to be Dragon/Bug based on how unique and powerful that typing is, also it fits Flygon’s appearance. I figure that is why Flygon was chosen for this Pokemon of the Week since the episode topic was unused typings. After learning that Flygon is based on a “Sandfly” I can understand the Ground typing but I still would prefer Bug. Either way it is my top Dragon type up there with good old Dragonite.


Flygon has the ability Levitate which is powerful yet bad at the same time because it wasn’t weak to Ground to begin with and now it has been limited to only having access to Levitate instead of multiple abilities. Still it is important to have Ground switch ins on your team so Levitate never hurts. Unfortunately, one of the best Ground types, Garchomp, can then outspeed you with a super effective Dragon type attack showing just how out classed Flygon can feel. Often this comes from the fact that most Dragon types are pseudo-legendaries but Flygon was only blessed with a base stat total of 520 instead of 600. Its stats classify it is a balanced Physical Attacker with 100 in Speed and Attack and 80 everywhere else.pokemon-flygon-sandstormFlygon’s movepool is extensive and I think to really explain it we will just go through it as we do the sets, but I recommend you take a look because there is a lot of fun stuff in there. I will highlight, because it doesn’t show up in any viable sets, that Flygon learns a lot of Bug type moves including Signal Beam,  Bug Buzz, and my personal favourite Bug type move Bug Bite. Lets start with the most viable set, Choice Scarf Flygon. This set makes use of Flygon’s reasonably high Attack and Speed to act as a late game sweeper using Earthquake and Outrage as a finisher. In the midgame it is a used as a fast U-Turn pivot, once again the Bug typing would have made this an absolute monster. For the last move I recommend some kind of coverage move. Iron Tail can handle Fairy type switch ins but personally I think bulky Bug/Steel types such as Escavalier are more of a threat so lets make use of one of the few things Flygon has that Garchomp doesn’t, Fire Punch, to take care of those problems. This set just works and Outrage finishers are very satisfying so give it a shot.

Moving on we have the Dragon Dance set new to Sun and Moon. It runs max Speed and Attack with Outrage/Dragon Dance/Earthquake/Iron Tail. Smogon recommends Adamant instead of Jolly which is weird to me. It comes down to Speed Tier analysis and some experimentation with how often you can successfully get a Dragon Dance off. Smogon also recommends Groundium Z or Dragonium Z. Personally I prefer Dragonium Z much more because it allows you to get a powerful Dragon type attack move off without locking yourself into Outrage. Some more niche sets that I have experimented with are Steelium Z to annihilate the typical Fairy counters. I also really wanted to replace Iron Tail with Thunder Punch and Electrium Z for the sole purpose of dealing with Alomomola, a pink blob that I have a grudge against, but much to my dismay a +1 Adamant Gigavolt Havoc only does 75%-85% to a mixed defense Alomomola leaving you weak to a potential Scald burn coming back at you.

Despite its impressive Special movepool the Physical sets outclass them in every way. In the VGC Flygon actually has a lot of great tools including Tailwind, Feint, and spread moves like Rock Slide and Earthquake. Plus set up moves such as Dragon Dance are becoming even more popular in the VGC. Unfortunately, it is limited by its poor stats in this format even though I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility that Flygon sees some use.

My unique set for the week is actually one that was present back in XY which is support Flygon. This set runs max Speed and some spread of Attack and HP based on your preferred Damage Calculations. The support comes from the move Defog to clear hazards. I like this set because it makes the most use of Levitate since Flygon can dodge Toxic Spikes when it comes in to remove them. You want to run U-Turn to act as a pivot and avoid having opposing sweepers set up on you. Recovery comes in the form of Roost and Leftovers, Roost being another thing Flygon has over Garchomp. After that you need some kind of attacking move. Earthquake is far more powerful than Dragon Claw but it means you take a loss if you are ever left in a 1 vs 1 with a Flying type. In theory this set is fantastic and would be incredibly viable if Flygon had some more bulk. As the stats currently stand it should probably stay in RU for now. Overall all these sets play differently which is great because Flygon is such a cool Pokemon that I love experimenting with it on a variety of teams.


Flygon is the king of Hide and Seek, 10…9…8…OWWW MY EYES where did this Sandstorm come from I can’t see anything! Better bring your Safety Goggles if you are travelling with this Pokemon by your side.
Until next time, SumtimesIFly.