Pokemon of the Week #35 – Minior

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star. On a quiet night looking up at the sky and upon seeing that streak of light whispered “I wish…I wish for another Pokemon of the Week article”. Well I am here to tell you that wish has been granted as we take a look at Minior this week. There will likely be some fierce debate on what the best colour of Minior is so before we get started, its yellow, yellow is the best colour. It looks almost like the sun and will always be there to brighten up your team.



National Dex #774 – Minior


pokemon-minior-spriteDescription: The Meteor Pokemon
Type: Rock / Flying
Abilities: Shields Down
Competitive: [PokeaimMD Prebank] [Smogon RU]
Evolution: Minior
Origin: Minior is based on a meteor. Its name seems to be a concatenation of mini-meteor.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Sun and Moon
Dex Entry [Moon – Core Form]: If its core stays exposed, it will soon die off. It’s possible that it may survive if it’s put into a Poké Ball quickly enough.


Guardians Rising

* Card is not yet available more info can be found here.


This Pokemon is one of the rare big surprises you can encounter wandering through the regions of Alola. If you managed to avoid enough spoilers you may not have been aware of its ability beforehand and finding out that within this bland hunk of rock is one of the most uplifting Pokemon designs ever made, well that can be a special moment. Minior’s appearance is certainly out of the ordinary but that is part of its extraterrestrial charm, it is out of this world after all.


Minior is a fairly one dimensional Pokemon at this point and time. It hasn’t been around long enough to be experimented with to the full extent, nor has it had generations to expand its move and ability pool. What it does have is a brand new unique ability, Shields Down, which protects it from status conditions while above 50% HP. When it drops below 50% HP it transforms into Core form that swaps its 100 stat Defenses with its 60 stat Offenses and boosts its 60 Speed to 120 making it more of an attacker than a defender. There is actually another Rock/Flying Pokemon with almost the opposite ability and that is Archeops, each have their uses but overall I think Minior is better! Something I thought would have been really cool is if each color of Minior specialized in a different stat, say +20 on the current spread, it would add a ton of variety to its usage.

Like I said Minior doesn’t have the best move pool settling for STAB Acrobatics, Stone Edge, and Power Gem with Earthquake, Gyro Ball (not good on the speedy Core form), Psychic, and Dazzling Gleam as coverage. For utility it has access to U-Turn, Stealth Rocks, Screens, and plenty of boosting moves such as Shell Smash, Rock Polish, Automize, and Cosmic Power. The fact that Minior has equal Physical and Special stats means that it can make the most of its small movepool by running a mixed set if necessary.


I only have two sets to discuss today. The first is the only popular set, Physically offensive Minior running Shell Smash, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Acrobatics with White Herb. This set is very similar to a Hawlucha I used all the time in ORAS except instead of Power Herb and Sky Attack it uses Shell Smash and White Herb to activate acrobatics. The goal of this set is to be able to tank a hit in the defensive Meteor form while you set up your Shell Smash. Ideally you will be knocked into your Core form boosting your Speed and Attack on top of the Shell Smash boost giving you a massive Speed total and solid Attack for sweeping. Your speed is so high you have the luxury of running an Attack boosting nature. Now this is the set that can be transformed into a mixed set if you feel like Physical walls are hampering your sweeps but if not fully Physical is the way to go since you can optimize your EVs. Its biggest weakness is of course priority as well as any bulky Water type or Steel type that isn’t 2x weak to Earthquake. You also need to watch out for people playing around Core form by knocking you to say 60% before hitting you again with a stronger move. I believe Fluffiest mentioned on the podcast that her initial idea of using this with Psychic Terrain to negate priority does not work due to Minior being a flying type. Still, it is thinking like that which may yet find improvements so post in the comments if you have any awesome Minior ideas yourselves.

The second set is suicide lead Minior. This set runs Stealth Rock, Explosion, U-Turn/Toxic, and Stone Edge. Bearing significant resemblance to the classic Azelf set it runs Focus Sash, which guarantees it will go to Core form instead of being knocked out allowing you to get off a big Explosion or Stone Edge after you initially set up Stealth Rocks. The U-Turn or Toxic slot is a back up to give you some momentum in the case the main strategy doesn’t work. This set still runs max speed and attack because it does not mind being taken down to its sash, in fact it prefers being in Core form. Without Shell Smash to boost your speed it is important to have a Jolly nature. This is a simple idea but it gets the job done if you have a team that really needs those rocks up.

In the VGC I have seen 0% Minior usage, which isn’t surprising because where most Pokemon have some doubles support moves, Minior truly suffers in that category. Still it provides a unique singles experience and I’m glad it has a niche.


For every Pokemon space rock collector out there an essential experience is racing across the island of Ula’Ula during a meteor shower and finding the entire rainbow of Minior.
Until next time, SumtimesIFly.

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