Pokemon of the Week #39 – Seismotoad

Woaahhh….Woaahhhh…Seismitoooaaadd stop making the ground viibbrraaattte. Welcome back to Pokemon of the Week where we will be looking into Seismitoad, possibly my least favourite Pokemon personally, thanks Thatch! In all honesty it is good to have a mix of Pokemon you like and those you don’t, because while the former is fun, the latter helps me learn more about new Pokemon and possibly even change my mind. If any of you came into this article with Seismitoad as your favourite Pokemon please let me know in the comments because I have never met anyone like you. If you leave this article with Seismitoad as your favourite then also let me know because that means these articles must be better than I thought!

* Side note this is technically PotW #40 since I just realized Kingdra and Gengar are both #37 but to keep things simple we are going to make this #39 and say #37 was double trouble.

National Dex #537 – Seismitoad

Description: The Vibration Pokemon
Type: Water / Ground
Abilities: Swift Swim / Poison Touch
Hidden Ability: Water Absorb
Competitive: [Smogon OU] [Smogon RU] (*Seismitoad is NU in Sun and Moon)
Evolution: Tympole -> Level 25 -> Palpitoad -> Level 36 -> Seismitoad

Origin: Seismitoad’s name comes from a combination of “seismic” and “toad”. Seismic relating to vibrations in the earth’s crust (earthquakes) and toad relating to toads. I always thought it was designed to look as ugly as possible, after all a lot of people think toads are unattractive so why not embrace it. Bulbapedia has some other explanations but the only one that I agreed with was that the big circles on its skin are supposed to resemble speakers empowering its vibrations. Also apparently it can detect the resonant frequency of objects and match that frequency to cause catastrophic structural failure which is cool if true.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Black and White
Dex Entry [Black]: They shoot paralyzing liquid from their head bumps. They use vibration to hurt their opponents.


Furious Fists (*No Longer Standard)


I’m just going to come out and say it, do you think I could give Seismitoad an aux cord and have him start hydro pumping out the beats at my next party? Or maybe he supports BlueTooth? Probably more luck with Loudred to be honest but maybe they could start a band together. Anyway enter Seismitoad, the most recent Water/Ground Pokemon to join the ranks of Quagsire, Swampert, Whiscash, and Gastrodon. His stats lean towards the bulky side with 105 HP, but without the recovery options present in Quagsire or Gastrodon he has to come up with a new way to play.

Seismitoad is one of the few Pokemon with 3 viable abilities. Swift Swim makes him an offensive threat on a rain team, Poison Touch can give his bulk another upside, and Water Absorb lets him counter common threats in his tier that use Scald as their main attack. For move pool Seismitoad has the standard Special Water STAB moves including Scald and Hydro Pump, with Earth Power and Earthquake for Ground STAB. His coverage includes Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Sludge Wave, Focus Blast, and Drain Punch. It is interesting to see that it has access both Special and Physical coverage. On the utility side Seismitoad has Knock Off, Stealth Rock, and Endeavor.

We will talk about the two Smogon sets today. The most common is the Physically defensive lead. It runs Bold max HP and Defense with Knock Off, Stealth Rock, Scald, and Earthquake. The RU Smogon thread actually has Earthquake/Toxic which I think makes sense with no Attack investment, although he does struggle more with Heatran/Magnezone this way. These are some really good moves to have on a bulky Pokemon as they are all threatening in their own way. Leftovers are thrown on for some kind of recovery. It should be noted that Seismitoad is only weak to Grass, with a Water immunity, so it is hard for opponents to take him out quickly. This is the defining trait for any reliable rock setter.

The rain sweeper set is the complete opposite. It runs max Special Attack (Modest), enough Speed to reach your speed tier after Swift Swim, and the rest in HP. To really be effective this set needs to be paired with a rain setter so it can make use of Swift Swim. Other than that it runs Hydro Pump, Earth Power, Sludge Wave (very good vs. Tapu Bulu), and Focus Blast (beats its Ferrothorn counter). Since Seismitoad has no boosting moves it has to rely on Life Orb to increase its power. I think it might be interesting to run either Fightinium-Z for the 100% accurate Focus Blast or Poisonium-Z to take out some of the more annoying fairies in the meta. Overall though this set is outclassed in OU and you will feel that if you try to use it (Drizzle is banned below OU).

My set for this week is a bulky attacker meant to be paired with a Hex sweeper. It’s EVs are max Attack (Brave), and max HP. It runs Poison Touch to poison Pokemon that make contact. To spread status more reliably it runs Poison Jab which doubles the chance to Poison thanks to Poison Touch. The move set is rounded out by Earthquake, Knock Off, and Scald/Rock Slide/Drain Punch. I love Hex teams and I think this is a really interesting offensive alternative to Toxic Spikes. Hopefully I can come up with a team based around it later this week because if it works it will actually be so cool!

Siesmitoad, after writing this article I really want to hug you, you have so little going for you even though you try so hard….but unfortunately I am not a Poison or Steel type so you will have to make do with a hover hug.
Until next time, SumtimesIFly

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