Pokemon of the Week #41 – Samurott

Hello PUCL, welcome to Pokemon of the Week #41. This is a samurai double header with Kartana earlier and now Samurott, the samurai otter. There is another reason this is a special PotW, Samurott is part of the evolution line of our dear friend Uncle Oshawott, who knows maybe one day he will level up and become one!


National Dex #503 – Samurott


Description: The Formidable Pokemon
Type: Water
Abilities: Torrent
Hidden Ability: Shell Armor
Competitive: [Smogon NU] [Smogon RU]
Evolution: Oshawott -> Level 17 -> Dewott -> Level 36 -> Samurott

Origin: Samurott’s name comes from a combination of “samurai” and “otter“. It is based on its namesake wearing shell like samurai armor. Bulbapedia informed me that the awesome shell on its head is a rare snail shell variety known as the Murex Trapa.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Sun and Moon
Dex Entry [Black]: One swing of the sword incorporated in its armor can fell an opponent. A simple glare from one of them quiets everybody.



Steam Siege


Samurott is quite possibly the worst of the starters and I hate saying that because I know I picked it in my playthrough of Black and White for looking so cool. Seriously though, could you imagine a generation where the starters were Samurott, Meganium, and Delphox. Talk about Pokemon that need mega evolutions.

Normally, I would discuss the Pokemon’s abilities but for Samurott its Hidden Ability is Shell Armor which is practically useless on him (no bulk, recovery, or bulk boosting moves) and its other ability is Torrent. Go with Torrent. It is funny that the last samurai Pokemon specialized in getting critical hits and this one specializes in stopping them.

Samurott’s stats include decent bulk with midrange Attack and Special Attack. Its Speed is, you guessed it, also average. Its movepool is actually huge but I didn’t find it particularly interesting. As far as utility moves it is desperately lacking. Attacking moves are another story, it has a wide variety of STAB moves, and coverage for Flying, Steel, Bug, Dark, and Ice. You will have to pick and choose based on whether you are Special or Physical but it is still solid.

There are two popular sets that are run on Samurott that actually make a pretty big splash in NU. The first is a Physical Attacker with Swords Dance to set up a sweep. For this you need to run max Speed and Attack with Waterfall, Aqua Jet, and a coverage move. Smogon suggests either Lum Berry to prevent status from stopping your sweep or Wave Incense to boost your Water type attacks. The second set is a Special/Mixed Attacker that uses Life Orb, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Ice Beam (for pesky Grass types), and one more coverage move. Check out Smogon for more details on these sets. They are straightforward and depending on your set they can be walled by Grass types, Water types, and especially Water absorb users such as Seismitoad.

I have two ideas for a set this week. I haven’t had time to test either of them so if you are interested knock yourselves out being the first to discover these super secret meta breakers! The first is a Physically bulky set with Leftovers that plays similar to a Steelix. Its moves are Toxic/Taunt, Dragon Tail, Knock Off, Scald. The goal is to force switches, Knocking Off items or Toxicing as you go. In the right matchup it can significantly wear down the opposing team and fills the niche of stall breaker. You could even justify running Shell Armor on this set!

The last set I have is the same as the Mixed Attacker except it runs Work Up instead of the last coverage move. Its not every day a Mixed Attacker gets access to a move that boosts both Special and Physical attacks but here we are and it sounds cool if it works. You might want to run a speed boosting nature like Naive or Hasty rather than Mild or Rash like Smogon says since you don’t want to be taking too many hits from being slower.

Otters crack open shells to feed, imagine what will happen once real otters discover the technology to make armor out of the leftovers. Better get used to taking Razor Shell damage.
Until next time, SumtimesIFly



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