Zzzzz…Zzzzz…Zzzzz…oh hello there…welcome to ah *yawn* another Pokemon of … … … the Week. Sorry I have been studying Snorlax in his natural environment and *yawn* some oh his past times have rubbed off on me. Eating, sleeping, yawning, sleeping. You have to try this sometime, bring a Snorlax along with you, their Thick Fat doubles as an excellent pillow. From my time in this community I have gained a strong feeling that Snorlax is also the favourite Pokemon of one of our friends DooleyNoted.

National Dex #143 – Snorlax

Description: The Sleeping Pokemon
Type: Normal
Abilities: Immunity / Thick Fat
Hidden Ability: Gluttony
Competitive: [Smogon RU] [Smogon VGC2017] [Pokemon Forever VGC 2017]
Evolution: Munchlax (Breed with Full Incense) -> Friendship (220+) -> Snorlax

Origin: Snorlax is based on a hibernating bear. It fills up on food and then takes long naps. Although unlike bears it hibernates all year… Its name is based on a combination of Snore and Relax.
Original Appearance: Pokemon Red and Blue
Dex Entry [Yellow]: Will eat anything, even if the food happens to be a little moldy. It never gets an upset stomach.


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Snorlax is a classic Pokemon in so many ways. It was one of my favourites from the anime because of how it always frustrated the team with its naps, it was the first encounter-able overworld sprite that many trainers faced, and it is a powerful competitive Pokemon. Plus the Pokeflute song is lovely.

Snorlax has three good abilities. Immunity being the least useful of the bunch but might be good if Toxic Spikes ever dominate the meta. Thick Fat is the most commonly used ability in singles where berries aren’t as common, giving Snorlax extra bulk against Fire and Ice types. Finally, in VGC where 50% berries are taking the game by storm, Gluttony provides a powerful boost.

Snorlax is a typical bulky Normal type with high HP and SpDef but much lower Physical defenses. It may be slow, as one would expect, but when angered this fellow packs a mean punch, some call it a Mega Punch. I tried going through Snorlax’s move set but there really isn’t any point in listing all of the coverage it has access to. Outside of Fairy there wasn’t anything it is missing and most of that is Physical! It even has Outrage for Arceus’ sake. What is more interesting is the utility it has. There are some moves that Snolax is very good at, Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Belly Drum but others like Recycle, Curse, and Pursuit can be just as useful. I should mention the absolutely amazing Z-move Pulverising Pancake unique to Snorlax with 210BP.

The first Smogon singles set is one that I always thought looked cool and have wanted to try so it may double as my fun set of the week. It is known as CurseLax because it revolves around the move Curse. You run a defensive EV spread and nature and try to curse up as much as possible before you need to Rest off the damage. Leftovers help you take more hits and Thick Fat improves your bulk in certain matchups. Immunity isn’t needed because statuses like Toxic are already handled by Rest! For attacks it runs Frustration/Body Slam and Earthquake. I like the Sleep Talk version over Earthquake because of how much better it fits Snorlax’s theme. Curse boosts your Defense and Attack until eventually you are big enough to start throwing your weight around and win the game. Picturing this set working as intended is so hilarious to me. Just like Ash and his friends trying to wake this lummox up but it keeps ignoring them and sleeping. An alternate version runs a 50% berry, Gluttony, and Recycle to get the berry back instead of Rest. Since it is weaker to status it runs Facade as STAB. Equally fitting for Snorlax except it focuses on eating over sleeping.

I was provided with some insight into the VGC from Ryusei since Snorlax is such a beast in that format. All of the sets rely on its ability to combine Gluttony, Recycle, and a 50% berry to get reliable recovery and be difficult to KO. For attacking moves they like to run Return for 100% accurate STAB and High Horsepower for single target Ground coverage. The first set is very similar to singles and uses Curse as a boost. The next uses Belly Drum and the berry to max out your attack while regaining a lot of health. The difference is the last set runs Stockpile over High Horsepower because it isn’t so much looking to end games quickly as it is to continue boosting until it is at a point where the opponent can’t deal with it. Remember in VGC Trick Room is prominent and Snorlax thrives in that environment since its low Speed becomes a strength rather than a weakness.

I lied I have a fun set. All out attacker Snorlax. It is designed for singles Trick Room and it runs Earthquake, Fire Punch, Giga Impact, Belly Drum/Return. Belly Drum is only there if you are planning to go all in for one last Trick Room sweep. It is hardly reliable so Return preferred. This set is designed to use that 110 base attack and do damage, specifically with Snorlaxium-Z and Pulverizing Pancake. Even if this is a lesser set than the others you have to try it for that beautiful animation!

After catching a Snorlax on her way to Fuchsia City it took the adventurer far longer than she thought to reach her destination, as she was soon forced to stop at every single berry bush along the way!
Until next time, SumtimesIFly