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PokéMyths: Bill’s Betrayal

PokéMyths: Bill’s Betrayal

You know, it occurs to me, as I sit on this bench in the pseudo food court of this fine University, a lady on each arm, typing this article, that my life is taking interesting turns as of recent. It will be tougher, no doubt, to churn out these articles week after week now that I am setting out on this vast new patch in the field known as life. So don’t judge if either the subjects become sketchy or if they falter in being a consistent length every week. This is purely on a week to week basis. So, the more spare time I have each week, the lengthier and better overall it shall be. The point I’m trying to get across here is… You may or may not get slightly less per week, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT. Also, the statement about the ladies was a total fabrication, my bad.

Well, enough jibber jabber, I actually did manage to find a topic for this ever narrowing subject field. Whether or not it is a good one is for the internet folks to decide. So this thing is pretty much boned. But, anyway, remember that kook who, for the longest time, lived north of Cerulean? Or perhaps you better know him as the Goldenrod native who fixed the time machine and made that ridiculously tedious Pokémon storage system. Either way his name is Bill and if you don’t remember him, then you had no childhood. Or maybe you’re just not the target age demographic.

How and why are you reading this?!

Most of us will remember him for giving the S.S. Ticket to young boys (and girls if you’re a 3rd Gen player). He also fused himself with a friggin’ Pokémon, so clearly he had some strange hobbies on the side. His most pivotal role in the world was, as previously mentioned, creating the first and extremely archaic version of the Pokémon storage system. But, did you know that he may have also been a member of the original Pokémafia, Team Rocket?

Everyone has his or her fetishes, I suppose.

The evidence lies more with the anime than with the games sadly. But, that’s not to say that there aren’t some insignificant pieces of information that I can bend to suit my needs. I’ll start with the small stuff and finish strong. The first tidbit lies with Mt. Moon, the very first place where you encounter Team Rocket. They are there to steal the fossils being dug up within its caverns by greedy, antisocial nerds. You end up defeating them and finding a fossil for yourself. When you reach the next town, you soon come upon the odd man, Bill. He’s in quite a pickle, seeing as how he’s fused himself with a Pokémon while working on a device that has the ability to transport the little creatures, possibly humans as well. In the game, it appears to be a Clefairy he has fused with, but in the anime it is suggested that he was working with a Kabuto. Kabuto is of course a fossil Pokémon, which is what Team Rocket was after. And he was working on a way to transport it in a way that wasn’t related to the PC Storage System. Was it possibly a direct line to Giovanni’s facility? Perhaps the storage system itself was conceived as a way to steal the region’s Pokémon.

Never trust a flamboyant man with green hair in an animal costume who offers you a ticket for a cruise that never returns.

Other points of interest revolve around the places where he settles down to live. Just southwest of his original home on route 25, there is Nugget Bridge. In the Gen 1 games, Red/Blue, this is where Team Rocket goes to recruit new members. You’d think that such a prestigious member of the Pokémon community would make a fuss about criminal syndicate setting up shop near his home. And it doesn’t end there; Team Rocket launches an all-out invasion on Goldenrod City, his current place of residence. Bill is just a magnet to criminals. This is sort of like how Magnemite is a magnet to… well, he is a magnet.

Hm, more polite than the mafias I usually deal with.

The biggest piece of the puzzle actually lies with something as simple as the architecture of Bill’s light house home on the anime.

            That is Mewtwo, on his damn door. Mewtwo was the pet project funded by Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, in order to create the most powerful Pokémon in the world, a project which, as most of us know, backfired tremendously. Was Bill part of the team that created him? Or was he simply an advisor? Mewtwo was a project that was in the works for a long time and was grown from infancy (albeit with accelerated growth).  This easily fills the roughly 40 episode gap between when Mewtwo was seen on the door and when Giovanni first used him in battle against Gary, before his escape.  Plus it is so blatant. Why else would he display an unknown Pokémon on his door? It was perhaps an act of narcissism, as if to say, “Hey, look at this badass death machine that I had a hand in creating.”

Verdict: It pains me to use this copout of an answer again. But, this is myth is neither confirmed nor denied. It’s certainly an odd accusation, but it is possible. However, I’d say that it is fairly unlikely.

Another question, what kind of Pokémon expert can’t recognize a goddamn Dragonite?