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Pokémyths: The Mewtation

Pokémyths: The Mewtation

We’re back this week at PUCL to scrutinize yet another myth in the Pokémon lore. So, just like last week, feedback is welcome. In fact, not only is it welcome, it is very much appreciated. So share your thoughts!

Last time we covered a subject involving MissingNo.; a very infamous glitch in video game history. So let’s keep the momentum rolling and take out another subject revolving around Cinnabar Island. That subject is Mew and its possible genealogical connection to Ditto. Mew itself is the origin of many strange things in the Pokémon mythos. Alas, there shall be no mention of oddly placed automobiles in this particular article.  The subject is strictly Mew and its connection to Ditto this week!


   Before we delve too deeply into the primary subject, let’s take a quick aside.

                  I often wonder what was going on with the developers when they worked on Cinnabar. Not only is it the most interesting town due to its odd edifices such as the Laboratory and Pokémon Mansion (Epic foreshadowing), but it is home to the most oddities of any town in Generation 1. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, Cinnabar has always held a special place in my heart. It was like the bastard child of Kanto, but we still loved it nonetheless.

Never go alone.

Now let’s start narrowing our focus back toward the true subject. On Cinnabar, there was this very odd building located West of the Gym. This was the Pokémon Mansion. At first glance, the Mansion seemed of little importance. Its history was not explained right off the bat and its significance was not indicated by anything really. But, it was a required area in the games for one simple reason; Blaine was a total jackass. He hid the key to his Gym at the very deepest corner of the place. So, if you wanted to advance any further, you had to explore the Mansion. Once you entered, it was a place teeming with Poison and Fire-type Pokémon as well as burglar trainers who were there to loot the place. Nothing was special here except an occasional Magmar in Blue Version. That is, however, until you really started to poke around this strange place.

Why yes, yes I am.

Once you traverse this “Mansion” for a little while, you come to the realization that it doesn’t quite live up to its name. Everything had burned down inside and there was no evidence as to why. But then you begin to come across these books that can only be described as journals. Starting on the second floor, each subsequent one has a new journal to be found.


               The journals start out rather vague. But, the more you find, the more you can make of this story. Basically these journals depict the discovery of Mew, up to the creation of Mewtwo (the final Pokémon of Gen. 1). It is not specified how long a span of time these journals cover, but the final journal (recorded on September 1st of an undisclosed year) states: “MEWTWO is far too powerful. We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies…”  So, Mewtwo escaped the Pokémon Mansion (formerly a research center) and set it ablaze.

“On Cinnabar Island, born and raised. In a test tube is where I spent most of my days.”

In the area with the final journal, there are some other interesting things to be found. Aside from a couple of TM’s and the Gym key (once again, Blaine’s a jackass), there is a new species of Pokémon to be found here, if you are playing Yellow Version. This odd new creature is Ditto. Ditto is a very unique Pokémon; it only learns Transform (it’s signature move). And, in later generations, it can breed with ANY Pokémon capable of breeding.  So it can birth and take on the form (however briefly) of any Pokémon. This means that it shares common DNA with every Pokémon in existence. However unique Ditto may be; it shares this distinction, as well as many other similarities, with one other creature in the Pokémon universe, Mew.

Yeah, THIS spawned the best villain in Pokémon history.

So now we have finally reached the true purpose of this rambling. There is in fact a fair amount of evidence that suggests that Ditto was actually manmade. On top of that, Ditto was created as a result of trying to replicate Mew in the research center (Pokémon Mansion). Need proof? Well, let’s just take a look see. Mew and Ditto share a similar color (this includes Shiny colors). Both weigh in at exactly 8.8 pounds. In addition, they are the only Pokémon to naturally learn Transform via level up. Mew is hailed as the only Pokémon that can learn any move directly (No Sketch required). Ditto can also achieve this, though in a much more limited fashion, through the use of Transform.

Like so many of us, Ditto is a constant source of disappointment for its father.

Finally, we have the real zinger. Ditto can be found most prominently in two areas. These areas are the Pokémon Mansion, of course, and The Cerulean Cave. There is one key feature shared between these locations, Mewtwo. The Mansion is where Mewtwo and, most likely, Ditto were created. Mewtwo was of course the semi-successful experiment (its only drawback being that it was far too independent). Ditto more than likely has a similar genetic makeup to Mew, being that it can transform, but it was unable to carry over the Psychic powers. It also seems to have failed at forming any sort of working skeletal system, thus rendering it only slightly more useful than a Snack Pack Pudding Cup.

The true goal of the scientists.

It is likely that there were multiple Dittos created as a result of multiple experiments. The journals suggest that the events that occurred between the discovery of Mew and the creation of Mewtwo happened over the course of at least a year. That is certainly enough time for many Dittos to spawn as a result of failures in cloning Mew. Ditto most likely broke free when Mewtwo had his way with the place. And due to Ditto’s mad breeding skills, it easily multiplied and spread around the various nations. Ditto being abundant in the Cerulean Cave (Mewtwo’s hideout) is possibly a hint to this whole story, but more than likely, that’s just reading too much into it.

Oh, hey I love Pika… OH GOD!

Well, there you have it. Once again I will leave you with a semi-unresolved question. I personally believe that Ditto is undeniably a result of experimenting with Mew’s DNA. It really is just another one of those things that fits together too damn well to not be true. So at the very least, if Ditto can’t have a place in battling, he can at least have a cool origin.

 The Verdict: This week’s myth is neither busted nor completely proven. But, once again, it is highly likely.