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PUCL Advent Calendar 2017 Giveaways!

PUCL Advent Calendar 2017 Giveaways!

Hey Everyone? This Year PUCL is doing an Advent Calendar! For those of you who are unaware this means that we will be unveiling prizes for you guys to win from December 1st up until this Christmas (December 25th). That is 24 days of giveaways! So what will PUCL be doing? We will be giving away a pokemon for everyday on the calendar! “How can I snag one of these awesome pokemon?” You might be asking yourself. Well below we have the instructions about the distribution methods.

We will be implementing the GTS system. Everyday, we will tell you want pokemon we are giving away and what we would like to trade for it. You must go to the GTS and deposit the pokemon requesting the pokemon that is being given away. The pokemon you deposit must have the nickname “PUCLAdvent” so we know you are there for the event. At 6 PM EST (11 PM UTC) each day we will begin trading only 12 of each pokemon will be given away, so if you do not have one by the end of the day unfortunately supplies may have run out.

You can find out which pokemon we will be giving away by following us on our social media channels. All pokemon will be announced ~24 hours ahead of the distribution on their various social media outlets. The list of where we will be announcing each pokemon is below. If you have any questions feel free to email us at puclpodcast@gmail.com. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

12/1 All Socials
12/2 All Socials
12/3 All Socials
12/4 Twitter
12/5 Facebook
12/6 Discord
12/7 Twitter
12/8 Facebook
12/9 Episode 315
12/10 Discord
12/11 Twitter
12/12 Facebook
12/13 Discord
12/14 Twitter
12/15 Facebook
12/16 Episode 316
12/17 Discord
12/18 Twitter
12/19 Facebook
12/20 Discord
12/21 Twitter
12/22 Facebook
12/23 Episode 317
12/24 All Socials