S01E46 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon”

Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up! The prime source of Pokemon synopses. A blast from the past of 90s and 2000s nostalgia. As always, we go by the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List in order to catch up with Pokemon today. I’m guessing that won’t happen for quite a while but still! We’re almost through Season 1 of Pokemon!

Last episode, we got to see Charmander evolve into Charmeleon in quite an anticlimactic way. None of us saw it coming. I was really disappointed. I hope today’s episode makes up for it!

Today’s Episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 46: “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon”


The group is walking down the beautiful Grandpa Canyon, an anime-only location, when they run into a line of people walking with picks toward a dig site. When Ash voices his wonder regarding the people, Gary makes an appearance with a snarky comment.

Indiana Gary is dressed to dig, and he’s excited for the Great Fossil Rush. He’s looking for fossils and runs off with another insult toward Ash. Ash, obviously, gets all pumped up and vows to find more fossils than Gary. But as Brock and Misty argue over the morals behind digging up old fossils, a Jigglypuff makes an appearance. Intent on singing, it jumps on top of a rock but by the time it does, the group disappeared.

There really are a bunch of people digging at the site. Even Gary is putting his back into it. He exclaims that he found his first Pokemon fossil until an expert old man tells him that it’s fossilized Pokemon manure. Even Gary’s cheerleaders yell out how gross it is. Did I mention Gary has his cheerleaders with him? Well, he does.

Meanwhile, our group of heroes contemplate the fact that there are all these people digging but not fossils to be found! They overhear Meowth complaining about Team Rocket. Jessie and James make their intro but Meowth cuts them off angrily with a mallet.

He accuses his teammates of not planting dynamite but Jessie punches Meowth in the face and reaffirms that the dynamite is in place. What better way to dig for fossils than by blowing everything up? Meowth lights the fuse as Ash tries to stop them. He calls out his Squirtle but Squirtle is unable to put the fuse out!

Jessie sends out an Arbok, and James sends out his Weezing. The two Pokemon and Team Rocket keep running down the mountain after the fuse. James trips and a snowball of Team Rocket runs over Ash and his Pokemon.

The ball flies into the air, and falls to the ground. The fuse burns past them and Ash stares bundles of dynamite in the face. Pikachu fires off Thunderbolt but…it hits the dynamite creating an enormous blast that opens the earth below the group, makes them fall through, and then closes the hole behind them with boulders. Only Squirtle manages to get out.

Misty, Brock, and Squirtle move the boulders as fast as they can. A Jigglypuff makes an appearance but doesn’t get the chance to sing just yet.

Ash and Team Rocket find themselves at the bottom of a cave. Team Rocket immediately blame Ash for the situation and Ash fires back. Meowth interrupts them to show them that the roof of the cave is blocked.

Pikachu senses something. In the shadows of the cave, dark red eyes shine brightly.

A group of prehistoric Pokemon surround them. Ash checks his Pokedex: Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, and Kabutops. All extinct. What’s going on? Ash notices that the Pokemon look very angry, they might have possibly been awoken from deep slumber by the dynamite.

Ash sends out his Charmeleon but when Ash asks it to use his flame to stop them, the Pokemon lays down on a rock. The prehistoric Pokemon give chase to the intruders all throughout the cave and continuously attack the group.

Meanwhile up top, Officer Jenny informs Brock and Misty that the bulldozers can’t make it out there to help move the rocks. Brock sends out his Geodude and they all put their back into it.

Back in the cave, the prehistoric Pokemon incapacitate Arbok and Weezing while Kabutops brush off any attack that Pikachu throws at them. But just as the Kabutops are about to slash down Ash, they stop. What happened?

Out in the darkness, another Pokemon makes an appearance: an Aerodactyl! It pushes Charmeleon over, and flies up on top of a rock.

Ash’s Pokedex informs him that Aerodactyl is a carnivore, explaining why the other Pokemon ran away. It flies down and attacks the group. Charmeleon is ready to fight but gets knocked out immediately.

From up above, Misty and Brock break through the ceiling boulders. It looks like people from the dig site came to help. Aerodactyl flies up into the air clutching Ash in its talons. It prepares to eat him.

Brock notices Jigglypuff running off. Misty promises the Pokemon to listen to its song as often as it wants to sing it if it will sing now.

Aerodactyl taunts Charmeleon who evolves as a result…rather strange but okay.

The Charizard flies into the air and attacks Aerodactyl, saving Ash from imminent death. The prehistoric Pokemon flies up into the air with Ash who tears up at the thought of Charizard evolving to save him. That’s when Charizard uses a Flamethrower to attack Aerodactyl, not really caring if it hits Ash or not. Oh well. And Ash gets hit.

It looks like Charizard evolved to battle Aerodactyl.

Back on the ground, Misty implores Jigglypuff once again to use its Sing attack. And Jigglypuff starts singing.

Everyone starts to get drowsy and falling asleep, including Charizard and Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl drops Ash but Charizard catches him before he falls to the ground. Our hero rolls over to fall asleep next to an egg.

Jigglypuff notices everyone is asleep and draws on everyone’s faces as usual.

After everyone wakes up, Officer Jenny makes an announcement about prehistoric Pokemon and how the Pokemon they’ve seen were dreams induced by Jigglypuff’s Sing. Jenny then closes the site off from the public. But our heroes know the truth.

Before they depart, Ash shares his new find: the mysterious egg he landed next to after Aerodactyl dropped him.

Brock takes it from him and runs off. Ash chases his friend and our heroes leave Grandpa Canyon.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still in the cave, stuck among the prehistoric Pokemon who are sleeping but on the verge of waking up.

And that’s it! I sure wonder what’s with that egg! Before I depart, I want to point that I find it quite interesting that Ash keeps running into the prehistoric Pokemon in various episodes under various circumstances. The counter to that is that none of these Pokemon are available in-game without obtaining their fossils and restoring them back to life.


  • Gary Oak is dressed as Indiana Jones
  • in a future episode, Todd Snap will reveal that he took a picture of the Aerodactyl flying off with Ash
  • the episode shows the first time a Pokemon tries to a human
  • this is the first appearance of the ever-famous egg that will accompany the group for quite some time
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