S01E75 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Round One”

Hello and welcome back to Pokemon Catch-Up, a curated list of Pokemon episodes and their overviews. As we near the end of season 1, Ash joins the Pokemon League and due to the list’s rules, we get to watch every fight Ash participates in.

Will Ash win this one? Will it be a struggle or an easy fight? Let’s see!

Today’s Episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 75: “Round One”


Back at Pallette Town, Ash’s mom, Professor Oak, and some of their neighbors are watching press coverage of the Indigo League. They spot Ash on the TV.

At the Pokemon League, Ash checks into the tournament at a booth while Brock hits on the woman helping him out. He hands over his Pokedex, and the woman runs something on it. He asks her who he is battling first.

Brock stops him and explains that you use the battle fields outside of the Indigo Stadium to battle and win matches in all four quadrants surrounding the structure.

Brock apparently read the Trainer Book.

Ash randomly selected the water field as his first challenge. He gets paired with a guy named Mandi and he’ll be the third match.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is interviewing random trainers as a disguised media crew.

They ask about what rare Pokemon they have, unfortunately for them, the trainer they’re interviewing has pretty ordinary ones. They walk around the field looking for more trainers when they stumble upon Mandi who is doing magic tricks.

Jessie approaches Mandi for an interview who asks them which network they’re with. Apparently they’re with “LCN”: The Lovely Charming Network. Mandi turns them down. He appears only on networks that have actual viewers.

Back with our heroes, Misty offers her water Pokemon to Ash to help him out in the water field. Ash is confident his Squirtle can handle it all. They’re walking down a street when they stumble upon Gary drinking some tea.

Gary is battling on the ice field first and wishes Ash best of luck. He tells Ash that he wants the pleasure of beating him himself. Gary runs off to his first match but not before calling Ash an embarrassment to Palette Town.

An announcement cuts of Ash’s reply, paging the hero to the nearest phone where he talks to Professor Oak. Oak suggests that Ash switches his Pokemon out. He informs Ash that Gary had already traded two of his Pokemon. Ash asks for his Kraby. As the Professor gets ready to send Ash his Pokemon, Ash’s mom comes into view and asks the boy about his eating habits.

The camera pans over to see a bunch of Ash’s neighbors cheering him on at Oak’s house. The professor transfers Krabby and the heroes depart the Pokemon center where Ash runs into Mandi, his opponent where Mandi refuses to shake Ash’s hand.

We cut to the group eating. Misty talks to Ash about his choice of Krabby for the match. It had never fought a battle, and Misty, again, offers her Pokemon. Brock backs her up. It turns out, the battle will be 3v3 and even with Krabby, Ash only has two water Pokemon. The TV is on, and Gary gets interviewed for his own win in the ice quadrant.

The camera cuts to Ash standing at the stadium, he’s up next to battle his own opponent. Both Mandi and Ash enter the field.

In a sudden turn of events, Team Rocket seizes the announcer’s microphone to tell Ash they’re supporting him in his battle against Mandi. As soon as they’re done, several Officer Jennys arrest them.

Brock goes on a tirade about how all the Officers are different. He mentions one Jenny that wears a shorter skirt, another one uses styling gel, and another wears a different perfume.

Phew, okay, match finally starts.

Mandi sends out an Exeggcutor while Ash sends out Krabby. Misty warns Ash that he’s making a big mistake by sending Krabby out. Brock points out that Ash has to battle his own way.

Exeggcutor sends out a Psywave at Krabby.

Ash instructs Krabby to dive into the water at the battle field. Exeggcutor responds by using a psychic attack which creates a whirpool around Krabby, trapping it. It then follows up with an Egg Bomb attack.

Ash calls back Krabby but can’t aim the Pokeball as Krabby whirls around in a circle, constantly bombarded.

Ash then prompts Krabby to use Vice Grip and latches onto the opponent. Exeggcutor tries to use Hypnosis but can’t.

Krabby uses Leer and then Stomp to knock the Pokemon out. Victory goes to Ash! And neither Misty nor Brock can believe it.

But wait, what’s that bright light? Is Krabby evolving? Will Ash press “B”?

Double whammy in this episode. Not only do we watch Ash in his first League match, but we also see Krabby’s first match and Krabby’s evolution to Kingler!

Ash decides to stick with Kingler for the rest of the match. Mandi sends out Seadra (one of my favorite Pokemon).

Seadra uses Agility and Kingler uses Water Gun but misses every attack. It uses Bubble and whilst it misses most of its attempts, it hits Seadra’s side fin which sends it flying into the air.

Kingler uses Crab Hammer attack to send Seadra back down into the water.

And Seadra is out! Mandi sends out his last Pokemon, a Golbat. The Pokemon flies out of the Pokeball and takes a dive at Kingler. Kingler is weak against air attacks and Misty prompts Ash to exchange his Pokemon but he won’t. He sends Kingler under water again. The Golbat circles above the battle field. Kingler uses Vice Grip to catch Golbat right above the water but Golbat easily escapes.

Golbat uses Razor wind and lands a successful hit which sends Kingler flying back across the battle field. Following with a Mega Drain, Golbat gets just within range for Kingler to use Hyper Beam and knock the flying Pokemon out.

Ash won the battle! 1v3! He runs over to Kingler to give him a big hug and back home, Ash’s mom gets all teary eyed. Even Team Rocket is astounded.

While Brock talks about dignity and restraint of being a winner, Ash celebrates very loudly in front of the TV cameras.

He says hi to his mom over TV and to all everyone in his home town. And that’s it!


  • The Announcer described Mandi as a “League Favorite”, suggesting that he’s entered the Pokemon League more than once
  • This is the first time Ash won a multi-Pokemon battle with a single Pokemon and without switching
  • Team Rocket’s “Lovely Charming Network” was a reference to their Japanese intro where they describe themselves as “the lovely charming villains”.
  • Team Rocket does not recite its motto nor does it blast off in this episode


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