S01E76 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Fire And Ice”

Well hello there! Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up, an article series based on a curated list of Pokemon episodes and their overviews. Can you hear the stadium cheering? Because I can as I review today’s episode where Ash faces off against yet another opponent in the Pokemon League.

In the last episode, Ash’s Krabby evolved into a Kingler. Will Ash use Kingler in his next match-up? Who will he face? Will Gary make rude remarks about Ash? We’ll find out!

A quick note about the episode numbering. I’ve seen this episode come up as episode 78 or episode 76. I’m trying to stick to the episode numbering in the curated list and use Bulbapedia to support this. If you’re struggling to figure out why YOUR episode 76 is “All Fired Up!”, try episode 78 or look up the name of the episode directly.

Today’s Episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 76: “Fire And Ice”


We are immediately thrown into yet another battle. Ash is facing an opponent on a rocky field. They are both down to a single Pokemon. Ash’s opponent chooses Nidorino. The announcer lets us know that Ash is a popular newcomer. He chooses Squirtle.

Nidorino attacks with Tackle and Squirtle uses Withdraw and rolls with the attack. The shell rolls down the field as Nidorino follows it. Squirtle uses Water Gun and then Skullbash to take out Nidorino at precisely the right moment. Ash Ketchum wins the match!

We cut to Gary in the stands being annoyed at Ash for celebrating two easy matches. Gary vows to defeat Ash when they face off.

We cut again to Team Rocket. The members hide in trash cans outside of the stadium. James tells his partners that he has an idea on how to swipe Pikachu. They briefly break the fourth wall and the show continues.

Misty walks into the cottage where the group stays. Apparently, Ash had run out to eat and left his worn-out Pokemon at home with Brock.

Ash is starving and he’s trying to find a place to eat. He’s looking for a restaurant he had seen that morning but when he arrives at the spot, it’s not there. The hero makes it to some main street where gigantic Pokemon floats are going by. Misty and Brock spot him and catch up with him. Misty berates him over Ash leaving his Pokemon behind without treating them at the Pokemon center.

Luckily, Brock brought all of Ash’s Pokemon. But the Pokemon center has a crowd behind it. The Pokemon Center is completely full and Nurse Joy announces that trainers should find another center in case of an emergency. The trio leaves.

Ash finds an “All You Can Eat” plac. Misty warns him again that he should treat his Pokemon first. Unfortunately, he enters and it turns out, he has no money.

A girl comes out of the kitchen and lets Ash eat for free. Mistaking her for a fan, Ash’s ego gets a huge boost. He gathers as much food as he can and sits down to eat. Misty joins him soon after. She informs him that everyone in the Pokemon League gets to eat there for free!

As she’s talking, Togepi runs off and pulls on a tablecloth, knocking over a tray of silverware. At the last second, Pikachu saves it but the silverware comes crashing down on it.

Misty warns Togepi to not try something like that because it’s dangerous. Ash inquires her friend about Brock’s whereabouts and in no time at all, they’re looking for him in the city. There is tons of commotion as Nurse Joy’s and Officer Jenny’s run around. Brock, it turns out, has been going crazy with all these women around!

They arrive at another Pokemon Center which is also full. When they notice someone beckoning them into a back alley. James is dressed up as a nurse and invites everyone over. They even have their own Nurse Joy! The group arrives at a suspicious looking building.

They enter building through a raggedy wooden door. Brock remarks that it MUST be a Pokemon Center because there’s a nurse joy inside. Ash hands over his Pikachu to James and his Pokeballs to the Nurse Joy, one that doesn’t move. Brock notices something odd. He doesn’t have his usual goofy reaction to the Nurse Joy at this center. He marks it up to a Nurse Joy overload.

But while he’s debating this with Misty and Ash, both Nurse Joy and Nurse “James” try to take off their costumes. They say their motto. Meowth pushes a button and the building falls apart to reveal Team Rocket’s hot air balloon. They leave with Pikachu stuck in a glass cage.

Brock sends out his Onix who pushes and brings the balloon back on the ground.

They drop off Pikachu and Onix flings the balloon into the sky. Team Rocket blasts off and Brock frees Pikachu from its cage.

An announcement echoes through the streets as the Pokemon Centers finally free up. Ash runs over as quickly as possible.

We cut to the Ice Field.

We see Ash squaring off against his opponent. Both won a battle a piece. Kingler is facing Cloister. Kingler uses Crab Hammer while Cloister closes its shell. Ash almost tells Kingler to stop before Misty stops him, telling him that Cloister is still losing health even if it’s in its shell. The shell cracks and Ash’s opponent sends out Arcanine.

Kingler uses Bubble but Arcanine jumps around the field. It uses Dragon Rage and a vortex hits Kingler, knocking it out. Ash prompts his Pokemon to get up and while Kingler does get up, Ash still calls him back.

Pikachu enters the field with Agility.

Pikachu runs in a circle around Arcanine who uses Fire Blast but misses. Arcanine’s fire melts the entire ice field, causing Pikachu to be stuck on a small iceberg.

Arcanine uses another Fire Blast. Ash tells Pikachu to dive in based on Brock’s suggestion. Pikachu swims over to Arcanine and Ash’s friends remind him that water conducts electricity. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and wins the match!

Ash wins his third round. Until next time then!

A quick note. Ash is getting a ton of help from Misty and Brock throughout these matches and they should be commended for it (and they are by the narrator). This is one of those situations where I don’t think Ash would have won the match if not for his friends. He considered stopping his attack against Cloister, and he basically froze up when Arcanine melted the field.

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