Sign Ups for the Generations Tournament Are Open!

Sign ups for the PUCL Generations 2016 Tournament are now open!

The Generations Tournament is PUCL’s first Fall 2016 tournament. As a fond send-off to the previous six Generations on the eve of Gen 7, competitors will be using one Pokémon from each Generation released so far, 1 through 6, on their teams. The tournament will be a 6v6 single battle tournament using OU rules, and the matches will be best of 1.

Sign ups are open until 11:59 pm on Friday, September 30th, and battles will start on Sunday, October 2nd.

The full rules for this tournament can be found here. The banlist is here.

You can sign up for the tournament here.


I discovered Pokémon at 17 and never looked back (thanks, Team Rocket, for making the anime more fun and making me want to pick up the game). I'm now 31 and I'm not in the least ashamed to still love Pokémon... especially Grass types! I'm from Italy, so time zones will be a thing if we want to battle or trade. Sorry in advance. Trivia: my first Pokémon ever was a Charmander.

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