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Prepare for trouble and make it- wait, wait, STOP. DO NOT prepare for any trouble. DO NOT also make it double either, because this is not Double Trouble. This is Simply Sublime, an opinion piece similar to Anything Goes or The Fluff that is simply… sublime!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Sublime, What has your sassy, sinister Snivy done to everyone’s beloved Whimsicott? Sunday is when The Fluff usually comes out.”

And that is true. But I swear my seemingly suspicious Snivy has not touched everyone’s favorite Whimsicott. We just traded publishing days this week. Look forward to the next edition of The Fluff this Wednesday.

And I know what you’re probably thinking at this point, too: “Okay… but then why is this not Double Trouble?”

To which I now say: because, dear readers, the PUCL writers were have a sublimely fabulous conversation, as we are wont to do, and the topic turned to the spoilers that were dug up from the Sun and Moon demo. And when this topic of conversation arose, it was discovered that Whimsicott and myself have completely different opinions on spoilers: she hates ANY news being revealed to her before playing the games herself, whereas I cannot get ENOUGH spoilers to sate my hunger for more information. So when this revelation came to light we decided it would be a fun idea to write contrasting opinion pieces on the matter. And that is why what you are currently reading is not Double Trouble but rather, Simply Sublime.

Now, if you hate spoilers as much as Whimsicott does, you may be wondering how anyone is even capable of enjoying them, let alone wanting MORE. So in an effort to explain my point of view, this week I counting down the top 5 reasons I love Pokémon Sun and Moon spoilers.

5 – Spoilers Can Raise Anticipation

The reason any new information that officially comes out before Sun and Moon are released is to raise excitement for the new games. At it works. You can bet I became more excited about Sun and Moon after seeing Alolan Meowth (and we can just walk around how I felt when I first saw Alolan Persian by comparison – although it is now starting to grow on me).

It even works on people who wish they did not know anything about the games until they get officially released. As an example, Whimsicott has mentioned she wished she never saw Alolan Vulpix until she was playing the games. But even so, she was beyond thrilled to learn about it months in advance, and you can BET it raised her excitement for the games. The first revelation of Alolan forms greatly increased the hype for Sun and Moon. We probably would not all be as excited for the games if Alolan forms were never revealed before the release date.

Unofficial spoilers work similarly. As someone who has seen all of the data-mined information from the demo, it comes as a boost of anticipation to wait out the last month before the games are finally out.

4 – You Can Better Plan Your In-Game Team

By the time X and Y were released, I knew what my entire team was going to be. As it was the start of a new generation I wanted to use entirely new Pokémon with the exception of the free Kanto starter. Enough spoilers were out at the time that I was able to do this.

And I definitely enjoyed playing through Pokémon Y more as a result of it, because the plot was hardly anything to get especially excited about. In using all of my favorite Kalos Pokémon my experience was greatly improved and I look back on my first playthrough of that generation with a lot more fondness than I otherwise would have. This fondness was brought to me in part by spoilers. Thank you, spoilers.

As of right now, I still do NOT know what my entire team in Sun and Moon will be. And I wish I did. Some people enjoy not planning that sort of thing out in advance and want to experience the game going in blind. I am not that person. If that is you, more power to you though, and I hope you find great joy in doing so.

3 – Because I’m Team Mystic

Yes, that’s right. I, SublimeManic, as involved as I am with PUCL, am Team Mystic even though PUCL officially endorsed Team Instinct (but it’s all love so don’t be mad about it). I am one of the least instinctive people you could ever meet – I do not trust my gut when facts are available. I just could not join Instinct in good conscience. It’s not who I am. As a person I much more strongly identify with everything Team Mystic represents. And two such things Team Mystic is are data-driven and fact-based.

I want all the data to play with and, eventually, to know by heart. I want to know how the new Pokémon will fit into speed tiers, when it would matter, and when it would not. I want to know what Pokémon learn what moves at what levels. I want all the data and I eventually want to know all of the data.

And when Sun and Moon are released and we officially have all of that data, it might seem frivolous to have wanted it just a few weeks or months early. But consider this: if you enjoy playing Pokémon in any competitive format, and perhaps even if you don’t, as a player you wind up possessing an enormous wealth of Pokémon knowledge.  You come to know all the relevant moves a wide swath of Pokémon learn, to know the speed tiers by heart without even having to think about it, and perhaps even to know multitudinous damage rolls and how likely a specific attack is to get a 2HKO or a 3HKO.

And you are constantly learning more. But if spoilers are available, you get a jump on constantly attaining new information that could hypothetically result in you knowing more relevant information a long time after the games are released. Spoilers today could be winning you battles tomorrow!

2 – Research Shows Spoilers are Beneficial

Yeah, that’s right. Science. Since I have already come out as Team Mystic, I might as well go all the way with it and bring up the research on the matter. A study out of UC San Diego found that people who had material spoiled for them in advance actually enjoyed going through the content more than those who did not have anything spoiled.

The study was done with literature rather than video games, and the spoilers were plot-twists given to some participants before they even got to read the texts. But even with it being a different medium, some of the psychology behind why those who had information spoiled for them had more fun may carry over. With spoilers, you have something you KNOW you can look forward to, as opposed to blindly wondering beforehand.

And if you encounter a spoiler that does not excite you, you have time to mentally prepare to encounter it. Without the spoiler you might be more apt to disappointment. Had I first seen Alolan Persian while playing through Pokémon Sun and Moon, most likely after putting Alolan Meowth on my team, I would have been really disappointed and it would wind up in the PC. But since it was spoiled, I not only know better, but have also had time for the new design to grow on me.

1 – The VGC Format Change

As a Pokémon player whose preferred format is the VGC, my bias is happily on display with this one. The biggest reason I wish the data-mined information from the demo had included far more information such as type combinations, abilities, movepools, and stat distributions is because that would all be extremely valuable information in the most timely way possible.

The transition from the VGC 16 ruleset to the VGC 16 ruleset will happen extremely soon after Sun and Moon are released; far sooner than usual. And that means players have a lot less time than normal to familiarize themselves with all the new things that will be present in the format. But if all possible spoilers were already available, VGC players could be more prepared for new threats to anticipate. The switch in format would certainly be a much smoother transition if that were the case.

The beginning of a new VGC format can often be messily chaotic as the metagame will likely not have settled. But the start of the VGC 17 format will likely magnify the problem because players will still be acquainting themselves with the new Pokémon. Not to mention needing to learn Z-Moves, stat distributions, speed tiers, and so much more. If all of this information were spoiled now, it would certainly be useful in the VGC.

And that is all why I am a fan of Sun and Moon spoilers and want more of them. Perhaps you side with me on the matter. Perhaps you side with Whimsicott. Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle like Professor Snag. They both have articles coming soon on the topic sharing their perspectives on the matter so be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming editions of The Fluff and Anything Goes. But where do you stand on the matter?