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What is the P.U.C.L. Staff? It is the group of people that help create content on the website. Members are either under probation or current staff. All staff members go through a probation period to see if they can be trusted to do the job entrusted to them. To be a member of the staff please click the applications link below. We are always hiring! Below you will find a list of current staff members.

Current Staff Members ( Bold indicates membership on the Blackthorn Council, Italics indicates Viridian Guild membership, signifying who you may see this person on the main show as a cohost!)

  • Thatch – President, Host, and Founder of P.U.C.L.
  • Bocefus – Musical Consultant
  • DrShamu – PUCL Tournament Organizer
  • Zcron – VG Member, Website Editor
  • TheFluffiestWhimsicott – Content Manager, Author of “The Fluff”, Former Author of “Topical Types”
  • GatorMaximus13 – TCG Co-host
  • SublimeManic – Occasional Author of “Double Trouble”, TCG Podcast Cohost
  • LordJushiro – TCG Podcast Host, Former Author of “Breaking Card”
  • Snag – Game Corner Host, Former Author of “Anything Goes”
  • Basket – Artist, VG Member
  • R. Sigma – VG Member
  • Ozzy – PDL Co-Commissioner, Artist
  • Dr. geo44241 (DefinitelyNotThatch) – PDL Co-Commissioner, Discord Moderator
  • Seth Vilo – VG Member
  • Lynian – VG Member

Below we pay homage to those staff members that have come and left their mark here at the P.U.C.L. Studios and the community.

Staff Member Hall of Fame

  • Prof. Sycamore – First recurring Cohost, and Founder of P.U.C.L.
  • Green Tauros Guy – Forums Moderator
  • Speezi – Website Sponsor
  • Ecko – Designed the P.U.C.L. 2.0-4.0 websites
  • Mr. Thingy – P.U.C.L. Author
  • Toast – P.U.C.L. Author
  • Infinity – P.U.C.L. Author/ Podcast Preparation Specialist
  • WiserOsprey – Author of “The Roleout” and “The Foresight” and Former Forums Moderator
  • MickeyPanda – Author of “The Underground Star Scoop”
  • Mr. Maximus – VG and BC Member
  • Beorn – Author of “Beorn’s Splash”
  • Antonin – Author of “Pokemon Catch-Up”
  • Captain Gravy – Author of “Trainer’s of Kanto”
  • SumtimesIFly – Author of “Pokemon of the Week”
  • Locke – Artist
  • Cleary – Cohost
  • Sarge – Cohost and funny man of P.U.C.L.
  • The Apprentice – Cohost
  • Scizorkick – Cohost
  • Viger – Author of “Pokemon/Nintendo News”, VG and BC Member
  • Ethan Strong – Movie Night Host/Organizer, Movie Podcast Host