This is the traditional style league that veterans at P.U.C.L. will be familiar with. Every Summer P.U.C.L. will host a League in which you will battle gym leaders in order to win 8 badges. These 8 badges will allow you to enter a tournament at the end of the league and the winner will win a varying prize.

The only requirement to sign up for this tournament is that you must have a P.U.C.L. account to be able to receive badges. Other than that no other requirements must be met.The annual Summer League will Start on May 29th 2017 and Badge collection will run through July 29th 2017 (last day for collection). The League Tournament will then start August 5th 2017.

Badge Collection Information/Rules:

All battles will be Smogon OU, 6v6, single battles. Species, Evasion, Sleep, Endless Battle, Baton Pass, Moody, and OHKO clause(s) are active. You can find what they detail here:

  • Gym leaders are to follow their designated typing, but their teams consist of the following:
  1. 3 pokemon of their designated type
  2. 2 pokemon that know an offensive move of their designated type
  3. 1 pokemon that can be anything they want

*This prevents people from  bringing in one type of pokemon to sweep gym leaders. If you lose to a gym leader you can rechallenge them at their discretion. Gym leaders will also give you help if you need to learn certain skills in pokemon to advance farther in the league.

  • You must earn 8 badges to compete in the Summer League tournament.
  • Gym leaders can compete for badges, but will not be able to compete in the Summer League Tournament.
  • To challenge gym leaders you must meet them in the P.U.C.L. Discord or set up an alternate location.
  • In order to claim a badge you will need to submit a request for the badge under the badge tab with a battle video code between you and the leader.

Summer League Tournament Rules:

Battles will be 6v6 OU Singles and each round will be best 2-out-of-3.

Participants will be given a maximum of 1 week to complete their match, If all participants finish their match beforehand, you may continue on.

We do not require you to send in your team, but team substitutions are not allowed.

Welcome to the FAQ, if you have a question that is not listed below, please message us or ask DrShamu.

Q: Where can I battle Gym Leaders?

Q: Can I change my team during the league?
A: Yes, as much as you want. We don’t expect your team to be able to defeat all of the leaders without a bit of change.

Q: What kind of battles are these?
A: They are Smogon OU, 6v6, Single battles.

Q: How do I get the badge?
A: First, you will have to be a member on the site. Once you are, you can request the badge you earned, example, if you beat Prof. Snag you would earn the Ouroboros Badge, you would then go to the badges tab, find the badge and send a submission to request the badge.

Q: When does badge collection end?
A: The last day to collect badges is July 29th, the Summer League Tournament starts on August 5th.

Gym Leader Information:

All PUCL gym leaders have pledged two hours every week that they will be in the PUCL chat box and be available to battle challengers. For the 2017 League, the gym leaders are:

*Please note: all times are in Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)

Name: Thatch
IGN: Thatch
Type: Electric
Time: Monday 7 pm – 9 pm
Badge: Crackle Badge

Name: Prof. Snag
IGN: Snag
FC: 3652-0888-7155
Type: Poison
Time: Wednesday 9 pm – 11 pm
Badge: Ouroboros Badge

Name: SublimeManic
IGN: Sublime
FC: 2191-8328-4540
Type: Dark
Time: Tuesday 8-10PM
Badge: Eclipse Badge

Name: DrShamu
FC: 0576-4809-7649
Type: Bug
Time: Wednesday 12pm-2pm (may change)
Badge: Parasite Badge

IGN: Ryusei
FC: 2766-8406-9889
Type: Normal
Time: Wednesday 7pm-10pm
Badge: Plan Badge

Name: Winmor
IGN: Winmor
FC: 5172-2037-3473
Type: Steel
Time: Wednesday 7-9 PM
Badge: Bastiodon Badge

Name: Shombles
IGN: Essej
FC: 5300-9676-4656
Type: Fighting
Time: Thursday 8-10 PM
Badge: Duel Badge

Name: The Fluffiest Whimsicott
IGN: Aria
FC: 1006-3325-0102
Type: Fairy
Time: Friday 4pm-6pm
Badge: Glitter Badge

Name: R.Sigma
IGN: R.Sigma
FC: 2449-4668-4157
Type: Ground
Time: Saturday 1 PM – 3 PM
Badge:  Nidhogg Badge

Name: Mr. Maximus
Type: Water
Badge: Ripple Badge