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Pokemon News Issue #111

  Welcome back to Pokemon News. Now most of you were probably aware of some leaks that were floating around the web. And while I tried to avoid being spoiled so I could enjoy the game to its fullest, Nintendo had other plans. Not only did they officially reveal the final evolution forms for the […]

Pokemon New Issue #110

Welcome back to another exciting issue of Pokemon News here on PUCL. Well, I was dealt a bad hand last week. Pretty much all of the CoroCoro leaks that I talked about in issue #109 were officially revealed the very day that the #109 went up, and then some. So now I’ve got to play […]

Pokemon News Issue #109

  Welcome to another exciting issue of Pokemon News. Thanks to our good friends at CoroCoro, we got a lot of new Pokemon for not only Sun and Moon, but also for Pokken Tournament! So let’s take a look shall we?   First up, we have a new Alolan Pokemon. Scron’s gonna love this one. […]

Pokemon News Issue #108 (Starter Evolutions and More!)

  Once more, welcome back to Pokemon News! And boy do we have a lot to cover from what was revealed last Tuesday. Lots of new stuff, stuff we predicted, and more! So let’s get right into all of it.   First up, and not surprisingly, the first evolutions for the Alola starter Pokemon have […]

Pokemon News Issue #107

  Welcome back once again to another exciting Sun and Moon filled issue of Pokemon News! Once more, we got a lot of everything that is coming with Pokemon Sun and Moon, from new Pokemon and new features, to new Z-Moves and returning features. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.   Several […]

Pokemon News Issue #106

  Welcome back to another exciting issue of Pokemon News. Fresh off of the news dump that we had last week, we now have some more stuff that was revealed this week, involving the Ultra Beasts, new evolutions, and where the anime is heading next. (Spoiler Alert, its Alola.) Let’s get right into it shall […]

Pokemon News Issue # 104

Welcome back to another issue of Pokemon News! As of writing this, Poke-fever isn’t the only illness that I am currently suffering from. Nope, that would be a cold; full on Cubchoo over here. Sickness aside, we’ve got some tasty new information about Sun and Moon due to the recent 3DS centered Nintendo Direct. So […]

Pokemon News Issue #102

Before I begin, I would like to apologize about not reporting on the new Alolan Pokemon and Z Moves that were revealed last week. I completely forgot to write a news issue last week due to both work, fatigue, and forgetfullness. These things tend to happen to everyone, but I promise I won’t stop writing […]

Pokemon News Issue #98 (E3 Extravaganza)

Welcome to a very special issue of Pokemon News. E3 has just happened, and we got a ton news from Nintendo during their time at E3 and even before E3. So let’s breakdown everything that is new with Sun, Moon, and more since the last issue. Let’s get into everything that happened before E3 first. […]

Pokemon News Issue #97 (Solgaleo, Lunala, Rotom, and more!!!!)

Welcome to another exciting issue of Pokemon News. We’re getting super close to 100 issues of news, and more Sun and Moon info on the horizon, we’ll get there pretty quickly, maybe. Without further ado, let’s dive into the new information about Sun and Moon. First up, we’ve got the official names and information about […]

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